Having a cat is like you have a child at your home. There is no doubt! You have to take care of your cat just like your child. And cats need regular checkups to maintain their health. So how often do you take a cat to the vet?

Many of the cat parents think the cats do not require regular health checkups as they have 11 lives. This is nothing but a myth! Cats are very fragile and soft kinds of animals.

Like every other pet, cats also require regular health checkups to maintain their good health. Even when they do not show any signs of sickness, the cat's parents should visit the vet clinic for regular checkups, especially when you have small kittens in your home.

We know a maximum of cat parents are busy working professionals. Better see how often do you take a cat to the vet so that you can plan your schedule accordingly and enjoy playing with your healthy and energetic kitty.

3 Different Cat Age Stage And Their Need For Visiting The Vet 

How often do you take a cat to the vet? This is a very common question that every cat parent should know about for maintaining the good health of their loving furry friend.

Let’s see what the different stages of cats are and how often you should pay a visit to the vet.

1. Kittens (Aged From 1 Month To 5 Months)


Are you the happy parent of a new baby kitten? Then the first thing you have to check is their present health. Then schedule the appointments for your kitten. Usually, when any of the cat parents adopt a kitten, they always visit the doctor first.

If you have a rescue kitten, then actions like visiting the vet clinic are not just a luxury. There are many more things that you have to look at. The rescued or orphan kittens require more frequent vet doctor visits than the healthy kittens. 

Usually, their mothers are there to take care of them. But for the orphan kitty, intestinal worms, fleas, eye infections, and fevers are common health concerns. Even some times, the rescue kitties are also having the 

For example, often, rescue kittens come with multiple health issues like ear and eye infections, fleas, etc. So how can you recover from these issues? And how often do you take a cat to the vet?

During this age, the kittens are fragile. Any type of medication application can be pretty dangerous unless you are consulting with doctors before. For any kittens who are less than 1 to 5 months old, monthly checkups are a must for them.

2. Adult Cats (Aged From 6 Months To 3 Years)

Adult Cats

You should take your adult cat for checkups at least two times a year. After reaching adulthood, the cats often pass the fragile stage. And during their adulthoods, they do not require very frequent visits to the vet. 

So how often do you take a cat to the vet?  The cats who stay indoors also require regular checkups.

Two vaccines are a must for any type of cat. Rabies and distemper vaccines are compulsory. And before three years, they require the scheduled shots. Hence visiting the vet is a must during this stage. 

My suggestion is to give the shot to doctors. This way, vet doctors are going to run an overall checkup. Every good veteran is first checking the cat’s immunity levels and then gives assurances for the optimal solutions. An adult cat requires at least two health check-ups.

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3. Elderly Cats (Aged From 7 Months To 10 Years)

Elderly Cats

During the seven to ten years, your cat is going to reach the elderly stage. And like every human, the elderly body of the cat is slowly developing multiple difficulties. This is a very serious concern for the cat's parents. 

Arthritis, sudden obesity, breathing problems, heart problems, and kidney malfunctions are very common among elderly cats. Unless you are not going to take care of your cat in the right way, small faults can show you fatal effects.

So how to take care of these matters? There is one solution: always perform the routine-wise full body checkup of the cat. Hence how often do you take a cat to the vet? If your cat is around seven or ten years old, the veteran visits should be more frequent.


An elderly cat requires at least 2 to 3 times vet doctor visits in a year. When their age is going to cross the 10 years bar, you have to increase the frequency of the doctor’s visits. Every elderly cat requires a very comprehensive treatment plan. And for emergency situations, a vegetarian visit is a must.

Frequently Asked Question By The Kitty Parents:

Here are some of the questions which cat owners are asked.

Q1: How To Know That Your Cat Requires Immediate Medical Assistance?

You will know that cats develop complicated health conditions by following their food habits. Cats avoid taking any food and drink when their health is not ok. And they stop grooming. These are the primary symptoms that your cat's health is not ok. If you experience any of these types of cases, just rush through your nearest vet doctor.

Q2: Can You Run Some Primary Health Checking Of Your Cat At Home?

Yes, there are some easy solutions. You can seek guidance from your doctors. But you can check their eyes and ears. During the ear and mouth checking, if you find any yellow or unusual spots, immediately contact your vet.

Bottomline: A Healthy Cat Is A Happy Cat

I hope you get the answer to ‘how often do you take a cat to the vet? Whatever might be the reason for visiting the vet clinic, if you like to keep your cat healthy and fit, then this is the primary step that you can take. Another useful tip is not to give any type of medicine and the shot without consulting your doctor. Perform the deworming at the scheduled time. Track the energy level, and you will understand more about your cat’s health. You can share your kitty's pictures with us through the comment sections.

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