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Leasing Your Bandwidth: How and Why

author-img By Arnab Dey 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


Whenever you’re on social media or at work, you need to have a stable connection. Next to that, you need a high-speed connection to work more efficiently.

Luckily, modern internet providers offer great bandwidth both in terms of download and upload, and although the costs are higher, having such a connection is worth it.

Lately, there have been ways you can take internet connection to your advantage. You can even earn some passive income while leasing your bandwidth connection, but how do you generate passive income online? How does bandwidth leasing work?

Here we will further explain passive income, bandwidth leasing, residential proxies, and how you can use them in your favor.

Earning passive income online

Who doesn’t like earning a bit of passive income? There are plenty of easy ways you can generate passive income online. You have the opportunity to sell your bandwidth while using specific software.

After that, you can generate passive income based on the megabyte or gigabyte amount. In the end, you can withdraw income via online payments or cryptocurrency.

How bandwidth leasing works

bandwidth leasing works

Bandwidth leasing is a fixed data connection. It provides a stable internet connection for those who want to scrape various data. They offer higher upload speed, download speed, and a high-end connection. It ensures that you can reach maximum speed consistently.

It’s much more convenient than a broadband connection. Unlike broadband connections, which anyone can share, only you can use a bandwidth connection. It means that you won’t have any interruptions while browsing the web.

When you’re using money-making apps, you can have a lot of benefits. They use extra bandwidth from your device to empower different proxy and web scraping solutions.

In other words, it can help you generate various data with more efficiency. You can sell the bandwidth connection that you don’t use to earn some money. The passive income depends on the number of gigabytes you’ve used.

We recommend installing an app on a device that you’re not using. That way, you can leave it while it’s generating more passive income. You can leave it on while you’re away, doing daily activities, or sleeping.

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Leasing bandwidth and residential proxies

A residential proxy is a versatile tool that helps you hide your residential IP and create a new one instead. It’s beneficial for use because of its flexibility. Proxy services such as Oxylabs can eliminate web trafficking and make everything function much faster.

By changing your IP, you can access websites forbidden in your country. It’s difficult for them to detect your presence, so you can avoid getting banned from the site. That helps proxy users reach a wide array of information.

Companies use residential proxy services to compare product prices, scrape data, or determine their next move. It has helped many businesses work without interruptions, and if you shop online, you can use proxies for sneaker copping on the websites forbidden in your country.

Utilizing residential proxies along with the leasing bandwidth improves the experience even more. When using money-making apps, you can command proxies to do specific jobs. You can change your residential IP and your location and engage multiple bots.

When you’re planning on getting a proxy, avoid free ones. They may not be reliable for use and may be very inconsistent. They can generate a lot of harmful information and can be vulnerable.

Some might not work at high speeds and, at the same time, appear to the outside traffic. We advise you to look for more reliable proxies with reasonable pricing.

How you can do this

rent bandwidth

To generate passive income efficiently, look for many money-making apps and compare them. See if they are suitable for your PC or smartphone devices. Also, check various app reviews and set your priorities – see which ones pay off the most and choose wisely.

If you have some devices that you don’t normally use, you can use them to earn more money. As we mentioned earlier, leave them on for any period and let them do the job.

You can rent out bandwidth connections to different companies. It will help them use their proxies to visit different sites without facing an IP ban. They may use CDN (Content Delivery Network) to obtain your data on many locations and reduce latency. It’s important to note that the methods we mentioned are simple and risk-free.


Leasing your bandwidth can be a great way to earn passive income. When you get the hang of it and use some of the tips we’ve covered, you can really get the most out of it.

With the help of proxy services, it can be even more effective, and renting out your bandwidth to certain companies can earn you even more.

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