On average, 10,000 Americans will retire every single day for the next twelve years. This is approximately four million people a year and eighty million people by 2030.

That may not sound like that many people. But birth rates are steadily declining. The American population is 75%, adults. These eighty million people currently constitute 25% of the population.

As current trends show, this percentage of retirees is likely to grow before it shrinks.

As more people begin to retire, there are going to be looking for places to settle down in. Many people think Florida is the only option. But there are several states that offer more than sunny days.

Surprisingly enough, a new hot spot to be retiring in is Utah. Have you considered retiring in Utah? If you have not considered it, read on and see ten amazing reasons why you should think about retiring there.

Here are 10 Reasons You Should Consider Retiring in Utah:

1. State Parks:

State Parks

Retirement is a great time for reflection on one's past, present, and future. It is also a great time to go on relaxing walks or try new things. Utah offers great outdoor spaces for meditations or explorations.

Lake Powell, Zion National Park, Canyonlands, Moab, Arches, Bryce Canyon, and the Great Salt Lake are all within Utah state boundaries.

With five national parks and forty-five state parks, nature is in bounty for all those who desire it.

2. Affordable and High-Quality Medical Care:

Medical Care

Utah is fourth in quality when it comes to healthcare in the country.

There are almost 60 hospitals. Not to mention, the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics, specializes in adult care. It is also the number one hospital in the state.

So, when it comes to retiree's cost of living in Utah, they can save on medical expenses. And use that money for better things, like traveling.

3. Fewer People Means More Space:

Utah has a low population. It is the 13th largest state in the country. It is about 85,000 square miles.

But less than 3 million people are living there. This makes Utah one of the least populated states in the country. And in turn, this gives retirees the opportunity to retire and build a space for them.

All this without the hassles of being in a large and populated area.

It also means less traffic and less wait time when you go to places.

4. Grade A Skiing:

Skiing in utah

One of Utah's biggest tourist attractions is skiing. When you arrive there, you will see several license plates that say, "Greatest Snow on Earth."

As a resident and not a tourist, you get the advantage of taking advantage of the ski slopes at your leisure. Not only does this keep retirees active, but it gives you a community.

Of course, if the cold isn't for you, there are parts of the state that have milder weather. Buying homes for sale in Entrada and places nearby, allow you to have a more temperant climate all year long.

5. Longevity:

The average life expectancy in America is 78.7 years. Utah's life expectancy averages 80.2 years.

Is it because the population is so small? Is it all the access to nature and outdoor activities? Perchance it is low pollution?

Whatever the reason is, when you retire in Utah, you could be adding almost two years to your life.

6. Low Crime Rates:

Utah is the fourth safest state in the United States of America. With this low crime rate, it makes it a cozy and trustworthy place for seniors to call home.

7. The Sundance Film Festival:

Retirement is the perfect time to dive into your old hobbies. It is also a great time to pick up some new ones.

If you are a retired movie buff, you do not have to go to Hollywood to feed your cinema love. Every year, the world-renowned Sundance Film Festival happens in Park City, Utah.

Tickets are open to the public. And who knows? You could run into one of your favorite directors or actors. You could see the next big cinema blockbuster before your friends do, or it goes big.

8. Economic Growth:

Forbes called Utah the best state for business. The state grew 2% above the national average of .5%.

So, if you retired, but still want to do a little work, Utah is the perfect place for you.


With a majority of Americans living in large cities, light pollution is a huge problem.

It is far, and few between, that city dwellers get to see the night sky filled with stars.

For retirees who want to enjoy the beauties of the night and the open outdoors, Utah is the place to go. With so many state parks around, it is the perfect place to get a view of the open skies.

10. Retiring in Utah? You'll Have Cheaper Taxes:

Utah has a flat state income tax of 5%. It also has lower than average property taxes. And the sales tax in the United States Average.

When you retire, every dollar counts. With Utah's tax rates, you can live a comfortable lifestyle no matter what your funds are.

Come and Join The Hive!

Utah, also known as the Beehive State, is the perfect place for you and yours to retire. Utah isn't like every other state.

It is in the top five for both healthcare and safety. It has a low cost of living and is growing on the business end. There is plenty of space for all sorts of retirees.

Utah is perfect if you are the outdoorsy type of person.

If you are ready to visit fifty state and national parks. If you want to spend your days out on the ski slopes. It is perfect if you want to put a blanket in your backyard and look up at the sky.

Utah is a great fit for the indoor types as well. Big cities are within arms reach to visit. There are film festivals and the comfort of temperant neighborhoods.

Retiring in Utah is for everyone, and Utah has something for you.

Have questions about retiring, traveling, or need other lifestyle tips? Please feel free to contact us at any time!

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