Cooling and heating systems are no longer considered a ‘luxury’. These are necessities for every homeowner due to the ever-changing climatic conditions. For extracting the maximum benefit from the ducted heating system, you need to ensure that these are well maintained and serviced on time. Well maintained systems can be long lasting and can also perform efficiently. Before you hand over these repairs or servicing to any specific company you need to ensure their reputation, qualification and experience. This can be a ‘money saving’ step.

What is Ducted Heating?

The gas ducted heating systems are placed either under the floor of a home or under the roof. The system requires gas for the heating which is distributed in the interior of a home.

Preventive Maintenance:

The best way to maintain the ducted heating system is to opt for preventive maintenance. You need to be aware that the performance of the systems can diminish with the accumulation of dust on the inlets, outlets, and the fan. This puts pressure on the functioning of the fan. There are chances of the inlet cavity getting blocked. This can be avoided by ensuring a regular clean-up by licensed professionals.

Standard Maintenance of Ducted Heating Systems:

Some tips listed below can help you maintain your systems.

  • Cleaning of the outlets and the inlets.
  • Checking out the balancing of the outlet air flow.
  • Checking and cleaning gable/eave or the module for condensation of the roof cowl, inlet and fly mesh.
  • Checking the integrity of the ducting system which includes vermin damage, connections, alteration which is accidental of the flow path.
  • Checking out the electrical connections
  • Checking outlet balancing of the air flow
  • Reinstatement after removing and cleaning of the fan.
  • Checking of the filter stock and replacing this if required.

Benefits of Ducted Heating Systems:

Regular maintenance and servicing of these heating systems offers multiple benefits.

1. Level of Control:

Maintenance done on a regular basis can help you to heat up the entire home or even control the temperature for the different rooms efficiently. The warm air is distributed centrally or you can even designate to specific rooms. This ensures that the homeowners are not wasting energy and money. This brings down the operating cost of these heating systems.

2. Cost Effective and Friendly to the Environment:

These systems are considered as ‘cost-effective’ as they do not consume as much energy and can be controlled according to the requirement of the place. These systems are available with ratings for efficiency. Opting for professional help for choosing these systems works out well. You need to be aware that a high rating determines higher efficiency.

Maintenance of these ducted heating systems can bring down the cost further.

3. All Weather Operation:

These systems are termed as resilient which means ducted heating systems can provide the required heat regardless of the temperatures outside.

4. Air Distributed Evenly:

The warm air is pushed into the home through ducts via different vents placed in the floor or the ceiling. This ensures the even distribution of air, which makes the interiors comfortable. Cold spots are eliminated.

Information on Servicing:

If the system is almost 2 years old you need to opt for servicing annually. Also, you must aim to replace the filter sock once in two years. Though the professional can finally decide on this replacement.

Opting for a Service Company:

You must search for a company which offers quality ducted heating repair services with some sort of a warranty. This can be ensured only by a reputed company that has qualified and experienced professionals attending to these systems. Another factor to be considered is the brand of the ducted heating systems.

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