5 Tips to Display Prom Dresses and Accessories

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Display Prom Dresses

For many teenagers, Proms are probably the most important events of the lives thus far. They are treated the same way as well. Girls want to look stunning while making a fashion statement of their own. The sheer competition with classmates and other girls that might be present at the event makes them try their level best to look as pretty and girly as they can. To Display Prom Dresses and Accessories for many retailers is a big challenge, especially considering the hefty price tags the dresses have and also the various many options teenagers may have to choose from. With the great number of retailers selling Prom dresses for girls and also the option of availability on the internet, retailers must come up with attractive ideas to display the dresses and accessories in the most attractive ways. Here are a few tips that can help retailers Display Prom Dresses and Accessories in a more efficient and attractive way:

1. Bring the Best Dresses Out :

Being a retailer or a shop, there might be many dresses in your storage, the best practice regarding the matter of displaying your Prom Dresses is to choose the very best 3 or 4 dresses that you may have, prepare them appropriately and choose some appropriate looking Mannequins for sale, the final stage is to dress the mannequins up with prom dresses and display them right at the display window of your store. Remember the prom dresses you personally may like the most might not be the best ones you might have, get opinions of people close to you or even your customers, best-selling lines are selling as much for a reason, they might give you an idea about the best dresses in your store. Make sure the best dresses are displayed at the most visible location so that they can be seen by everyone walking by the store.

2. Compliment them with Each other :

One important thing to remember while displaying Prom Dresses in your display area is that they will be displayed with each other in the same display window. Choose appropriately, the 3 or 4 dresses that you choose for the display window should somehow complement each other and not be worlds apart in terms of their color, design, or theme. Imagine if you put a black long frill gown right next to a while short lace dress, they will not look symmetrical. Your display window in most cases is one small space that will display 3 to 4 mannequins wearing prom dresses, make sure they are all of similar nature and design theme. You have to be careful as well of not display exactly similar dresses with different colors or all 4 dresses with the same color and different design. Choose wisely, this is important.

3. Display the 2nd Tier Ones in Store :

Once you have displayed your top 3 or 4 dresses in your display window, they will hopefully attract many visitors inside your shop. Once they are in they must be presented more options like the ones on the main display might be too expensive or might not be liked by all the visitors in the group that is entering your store. One way to achieve that is either you buy secondary mannequins to display them appropriately inside the store with your second best prom dress options or you can choose to hang them in hangers and display appropriately, this is of course subject to the space available and the budget allowances. The major aim of this is to provide parents or friends who might be accompanying teenagers with more options to choose from. These options can be in terms of the visual appeal of the dress and also the price points of them as some of the prom dresses can be very wallet impacting.

4. Display Matching Jewelry in Racks :


No prom dress is complete without appropriate jewelry to go with it. Every girl wants to look stunning with a suited necklace, a bracelet, or even a ring. Buying jewelry racks or those neckpiece mannequins can help you display matching jewelry very efficiently. This has to be done with the 4 best dresses at the display window as well as in-store for every other dress that you might have. Make sure to display them in appropriate places in order for them to be visible with the dresses on display as they might offer great ideas to teenagers and the accompanying people as well. When considering Display Prom Dresses and Accessories, they have to be booked as part of one package that teenagers will be interested in buying. Choose matching jewelry wisely because usually, the profit margin with them is even better than the dresses.

Jewelry in Racks

5. Display Matching Accessories :

Teenagers are different in their fashion sense. Different girls will have different preferences and styles of inclination. Some will hat to complement their dresses while others will be more interested in tiaras to make them shine on the big day. Some girls might even want matching sunglasses or handbags. These are great opportunities for retailers to display matching accessories in-store or on the mannequins that have the dresses on them. Make sure to put different accessories on the 3 or 4 mannequins in your display window, for example, a black dress mannequin can be made more attractive with a black stylish hat or a pink dress display mannequin can be made more adorable with a matching tiara on its head. Mix and match accessories to give more purpose to your display window. All this will hopefully attract more teenagers inside your store, boosting sales, and improving profits.

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