From time to time life can throw stressful situations at us.  Whether it’s at work, or at home, dealing with stress is something that can make you feel powerless.  It’s important to remember that even though you may feel like you’re out of control during these seemingly powerless moments, there are ways to cope and make it through to the other side.

Ultimately it’s all about knowing how to calmly stay focused on the bigger picture while weathering the storm.

In order to maintain your composure and handle stressful situations like a pro, follow these tips.

Make a Plan:

The first thing that you should do when you are facing difficult circumstances is to identify the problem and plan accordingly.  This can be applied to any sort of situation, whether it’s getting into a collision on the road, or handling a tight deadline at work.

Rather than panicking, you should identify the steps necessary that you’ll need to take to make it out alive.  Without a plan, you’ll simply spin your wheels aimlessly, and put yourself in more problems.

Although it can be difficult to see through the murkiness of your emotions when under pressure, it’s important to stay focused and proactive.

Practice Breathing Exercises:

One of the most effective ways to calm yourself down when you’re feeling emotionally charged is to focus on your breath.  Since your breath controls your heart rate, you can slow down your heart considerably and guide your mind to follow suit.

Try breathing from the stomach on your inhale and slowly exhale through your nose.  By doing this repetitively for several minutes, you should start to feel yourself calm down slowly.

Get a Mentor:

If you’re handling a situation at work or in your personal life which you’ve never handled before, you should try to find someone with experience who has been through it before.

Having someone there to help guide you through to safety and counsel you on the best actions to take can be tremendously helpful when you feel lost.

Think Positively:

One of the most important things that you can do is to stay positive and assume the best possible outcomes.

Even though you may feel hopeless as all of the worst possible scenarios start playing through your head, it’s essential to leave those feelings of doubt behind.  Worrying will do nothing for you, however, thinking positively will serve you no matter what.

Step Away:

Sometimes the best solution to a problem is to step away so that you can think clearly about the best plan of action.

Often we are so immersed in the stress of a situation that we fail to see crucial elements that can only come to light if we take a minute to ourselves.

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