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5 Points That Matter in Workplace Safety Audit

author-img By Alyssa Moylan 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

The health, safety, and welfare of employees should be of uppermost importance to any company. In order to ensure that organizations are abiding by the laws and policies relating to the health and safety of their employees, independent organizations perform organizational health and safety audits.

These audits can be performed by the organization at any point in time. Workplace safety audit consists of surveys and assessments which ensure that the organization is following all the correct procedures to ensure the health and safety of their employees.

Aspects That Matter in Workplace Safety Audit:

If you are worried about your company passing the audit, here are a few points which you must keep in mind which will help your company to successfully pass the audit.

1. Prepare for The Safety Audit At Least A Week Prior To The Actual Audit Day:

More often than not, the organization is informed beforehand about a safety audit being held at their workplace. It is important for all the respective supervisors and managers to start preparing for the audit that is about to take place. For this, they must gather all the necessary documents and records in one place and have all the information and procedures ready for when the audit is to take place. In case there were any changes to be made after the previous audit, all the necessary documents relating to those must also be kept in place.

You can utilize advanced technology to ensure accurate safety audits on your day-to-day business operations. Using environmental health and safety EHS software helps in managing a company’s regulatory compliance and data sustainability. It also saves time and reduces the risk.

Environmental health and safety software programs can help with the following: 

  • Job Safety Analysis: Determine potential job hazards systematically to reduce or eliminate the risks of workers getting exposed to toxic chemicals, caustic substances, flammables, and more. You can take preventive measures before an accident occurs. 
  • Behaviour-Based Safety: The application of behavioural psychology promotes a safer workplace environment, collecting beneficial data by identifying the employee’s behaviour, such as unsafe practices, that can affect work environment safety. Managers can use the dedicated templates to note observations and record results to gain better insight into safety performance. 
  • Accidents and Safety Reporting: This application provides a single location to record all accidents and incidents. It’s also a centralized place to initiate and manage investigations and mitigate actions to reduce accident recurrence.  

Safety Data Sheets: Managers and employees can have instant access to vital information when dealing with workplace emergencies. Safety data sheets (SDS) provide workers and emergency personnel with the correct information on standard procedures for handling various substances or devices.

2. Perform A Safety Checklist :

There are quite a few points which must be taken care of in a safety checklist for each company. This checklist must be made individually by each company to ensure that the safety and health of all of their workers and employees are always kept as a priority. Some of the important points to take care of our- electrical and chemical safety, fire prevention, emergency first aid kits, and toolbox, trip and fall safety, insurance, and incident, injury, and accident safety procedures should be taken care of properly by the managers and supervisors of the company.

3. Develop Corrective Action for Risks or Weaknesses in Programs and Procedures:

Previous workplace safety audits can reveal many risks and weaknesses in your current programs and procedures. It is important to deal with all of these factors and correct them while aiding with the current laws and policies. This plan of action must be communicated to the workers and employees and corrective actions must be taken immediately. If all this is done correctly before the next safety audit at the workplace, then it is possible for the company to successfully pass the safety audit without any loopholes.

4. Conduct Effective Training to Put them into Action:

Once all of the above factors have been discussed, it is important to start effective training for the employees and workers of the organization. The new rules and policies must be discussed along with why they are being implemented and how they will benefit the workers and employees of the organization. You can also get in touch with c2cfirstaidaquatics.com if you need to conduct basic first aid and workplace safety training for your employees.

5. Publish the Results of The Previous Safety Audits :

After the workplace safety audit has been conducted, it is important to publish the findings and results of the audit in front of everyone at the workplace to see. It is also important to acknowledge all the supervisors and managers who have followed the laws and policies diligently. This will not only help boost employee morale but will also make future audits much easier.

These are some of the easy steps that your company can take to ensure that you pass the safety audit of your workplace without any difficulty.

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