While no parent has ever sat dreaming of the days where their once precious child will become a disrespectful and rebellious teenager, this is a reality that many parents end up having to live through. Depending on the personality and lifestyle of your teen, their particular form of rebellion could vary drastically from other teens their age. However, this doesn’t necessarily make it any easier for you to know how to react or respond when you get in a tough situation. So to help with this, here are three tips for dealing with a rebellious teen.

Be A Model Of Respectful Behavior:

As was life when your child was little, everything your children see or hear you do is going to be an example set for them. With this in mind, Cheryl Butler, a contributor to Quick and Dirty Tips, shares that you should try your best to be a model of respectful behavior for your child. This means not only should you show your teen how they should speak to adults, but you should also give your teen a certain amount of respect. If you’re able to respect your teen, which is something they likely want desperately, then the chances of them giving you more respect in return are increased. While this can be tough time, it could be very worth it for the sake of your relationship.

Discuss The Reasoning Behind Boundaries Or Limits You’ve Set:

Part of your job as a parent is setting appropriate rules and boundaries that will keep your kids safe. However, at a certain age, your teen might view these as nonsense and begin refusing to follow your rules. Sometimes, that can all be chalked up to miscommunication as to why there are rules in place. In situations such as these, Everyday Health recommends that you discuss the rules you’re putting in place and why you think them necessary. If you express to your teen that these boundaries are meant to keep them safe and avoid danger, you might have an easier time getting your teen to follow them.

Understand That There’s Usually A Reason For Extreme Behavior:

At this time in your teen’s life, there are all types of hormones and emotional issues rising to the surface, which could play a part in their rebellious nature. However, if you’re noticing extreme behavior, be it getting into fights or participating in very risky behavior, How Stuff Works shares that there’s usually a reason these things are taking place. If you notice extreme behavior like this, try to uncover what the reason for the behavior is and then seek to remedy that root problem rather than just punishing your teen for the behavior itself.

If you’re living with a rebellious teen, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn some strategies for dealing with these trying times.

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