All You Need To Know About Taxi Traffic Collision

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Taxi Traffic Collision

As established, there are many reasons why motor vehicles may collide with an object or machinery. Assuming you, a friend or a loved one has sustained severe injuries. We advise consulting a lawyer if the driver and the taxi company refuse to take responsibility or provide compensation. A car accident lawyer will look at the case thoroughly to provide advice and answer the client’s queries to take the case forward.

What Causes a Taxi Traffic Collision?

What Causes a Taxi Traffic Collision?

1. A Distracted Driver

A taxi car injury occurs when the driver is driving the car distracted. The taxi driver is likely agitated as he has not had sufficient resting periods between shifts. He has a very short attention span due to psychological fatigue. The driver could also be tired due to lack of sleep from long shifts. This results in fatigue and drowsiness, which endangers the life of the driver and the passengers.

2. Driving Under Influence

Accidents occur when the driver is under the influence of intoxicants. These can include drugs or alcohol. Some may take more than usual prescription drugs, which can cause hallucinations, fatigue, episodes, and influence. It will severely affect the ability to make turns, follow traffic guidelines, and drive the taxi safely.

3. If Not Complying With Traffic Laws

A Taxi Traffic Collision can also occur by not following traffic laws. The violation of traffic rules such as over-speeding, going the wrong way, or breaking a signal can completely topple the car while severely hurting the passengers. Therefore, observe the driver’s driving etiquette when in a taxi. Cut the drive short if they are not up to par.

4. Underperforming Taxi

However, remember, a tax accident is not always the driver’s fault. It could be because of a malfunctioning vehicle or lax maintenance from the leasing agency. There are numerous causes why a Taxi Traffic Collision may occur. Assuming the driver caused it is an unfair assessment of the scenario. Defective vehicles cause vehicular accidents more commonly due to faulty brakes, no brake fluid, loose tires, and technical problems with the steering wheel and engine.

Which Injuries Are Common in a Taxi Traffic Collision?

Which Injuries Are Common in a Taxi Traffic Collision?

Not to scare the readers, but a taxi car accident is more severe than a regular car accident. As some taxis are not legally required to have seatbelts, it poses a real danger for the driver and the patient. Furthermore, suppose there is a Plexiglas window between the driver and the passenger. In that case, a sudden impact can cause a breaking nose, head bleed, or blunt force trauma to the skull. Other injuries include:

  • Lacerations and tissue damage
  • Abrasions and cuts
  • Fractured and dislocated bones
  • Brain injuries which take time to surface
  • Spinal cord injuries, loss of motor functions, and paralysis
  • Organ damage due to rib breakage or puncture wounds
  • Back injuries will cause pain for a lifetime
  • Whiplash

While some accidents are more severe for the passengers, some could be life-ending because they are at the forefront of receiving the impact. Assuming you have sustained any of the injuries above, you can legally hold the cab company liable. The taxi case lawyer will provide a few options to move forward with.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Tax Accident?

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Tax Accident?

Before the injured receive compensation, the legal procedure will determine who is responsible for the damage. Regardless of whether you are the passenger of the other car or the taxi, your taxi accidents lawyer in Queens, NY, must prove the taxi car company and the driver acted loosely. As with any legal case, complications are bound to arise where several parties may come forward claiming different perspectives.

However, in a broader sense, the liability lies on:

  • The taxi leasing company
  • The taxi driver
  • The yellow cab manufacture
  • The employment agency that provided the driver
  • The company that maintains or fixes the taxi

Since each party has been involved at a particular time with the tax, it could be challenging to pinpoint who is responsible. Therefore, it could be challenging to receive the compensation too. The complications are likely mountainous if the car accident involves multiple civilian cars or taxis. Such cases require extensive research-based technical knowledge to determine the negligent party. Subsequently, the compensation will be huge too.

What Are the Different Compensations in a Taxi Car Accident?

It is imprudent to wait too long for legal leadership after you have been in a Taxi Traffic Collision. Depending on the province or state of the residual address, the case could become time-barred. As a result, you are stuck with a long-time injury without compensation. Therefore, act soon when the circumstances involve wrongful death or personal injury claims.

The taxi lawyer will explain accidents laws to the clients upon the first consultation. The lawyer will lay out the possible compensations the clients might receive through a taxi car accident settlement. They will also advise you regarding time limits since sometimes the clients take too long to decide the layout.

a. Medical Expenses

The liable party will pay for surgery, post-surgery care, medical fees, hospital fees, and transport bills of the individual. The payout is dependent on how severe the injuries are. There are circumstances where a home health system is advised. Regardless, a fair settlement will account for medical reimbursements.

b. Loss of Income

Assuming you were put on bed rest or cannot work anymore because of the disability caused by the Taxi Traffic Collision. In that case, the liable party will pay for the lost income plus contingent income that you may have earned in the future.

c. Pain and Suffering

Compensation will also include non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. The injured are likely to experience emotional stress, worsened life quality, or disability. Such circumstances are life-altering and non-economic compensation can make it less depressing.

A fair settlement amalgamates economic and non-economic damages for a case to resolve outside of court from arbitration or mediation. However, before the damages are presented to the liable party, they must be calculated accurately. Damages that involve a too high or a too low ceiling will force the court to jump in and resolve the matter, so the damages reflect the market value. However, the damages include future contingencies due to injuries and accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

* Can I sue a taxi company?

A taxi company may be held liable on the proper grounds if the driver or, in proxy, the company was responsible for the accident. However, depending on where you reside, a personal injury is time-barred, so act on the decision promptly.

* Can I sue the taxi company if the car accident was partly my fault?

Most states follow the comparative negligence rule. It means the injured can still file for compensation, regardless of whether they contributed to the accident. Assuming you caused 20 percent of the damages, the liable party must still pay you 80 percent as rectified damages.

* Who will pay legal fees if I lose the case?

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. Therefore, they will work tirelessly to win the case for you as their fee is a cut from the compensation.

* Should I file for a taxi car accident immediately?

The time-barred limit for personal injury cases is three years. However, bringing the case to the lawyers as early as possible will help reserve real-time medical reports when the accident occurred.

* Are my injuries severe from the taxi accident?

Assuming you were in a taxi accident a long time ago and had been feeling worse since then. In that case, it could signal your injuries are worsening and causing internal infection. However, it is still unsure how severe the injuries are without medical assistance. A lawyer will ensure all documents are correct and authentic regarding injuries.

* How does the law define serious injury?

The law defines the following scenarios as serious injuries. These are:

  • Death or disability
  • Fracture or dismemberment
  • Loss of an unborn child
  • Losing a body organ permanently
  • A body part loses its function permanently
  • A body part’s function becomes severely limited

Any injury prevents a person from performing a daily routine involving material actions within the ninety days from the accident during the six months following the accident.

* How do I recover damages to my car or property resulting from a Taxi Traffic Collision?

The owner can file a third-party claim with the cab company’s insurance provider. The claim will mention the degree of damages to the property. However, property damages come secondary to medical reimbursements. Therefore, property or third-party damages take longer to resolve.

* What if I do not file a claim with the insurance provider?

A no-fault claim must be filed with the insurance provider within 30 days from the taxi accident. Otherwise, the injured will lose the right to file for all benefits.

* How to hire a taxi car accident lawyer?

A taxi car accident can become complicated very fast. However, the help is on the way in the form of legal assistance with years of experience. The personal injury attorneys will stay by your side and set the proper paperwork in motion to hold the negligent driver or taxi company accountable by retrieving monetary or non-economic damage.

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