The truoba U shape takes up a typical rectangular home and gives it an attractive opportunity by adding a focused balcony, garden, pond, or square section. The imaginary part - open in different rooms at home - turns into a perfect open space for the family . . . a suitable desert garden and retreat, especially during these difficult times of the epidemic.

We should investigate this attractive Truoba house plan, its outstanding features, and its benefits, as well as the components that enhance its appeal and character.

Spacious Balcony Is The Best Features

As it looks like an "H" in beautiful ways, the model U-shaped house wraps around three sides of a porch or balcony to create a secure space, kindergarten, or part of a square. A truoba U-shaped place facing back often remembers the grass pond.

As part of the balcony, the yard divides the home into the living / social and sleeping wings in this system. However, these rooms are deliberately constructed and fitted with large windows and glass panels for a complete view and easy access to the open space.

In general, the brightness of the U-shape in the house is the continuity of the house, the smooth interaction between the inner and outer regions, and the spatial interaction between the rooms.

1. Private External Areas

A small nursery and part of the event, for example, a fountain or gazebo, are prominent features on the balcony of houses. 

Indeed, even an unbearable size balcony could compel this upgrade

2. Lake

Assuming the balcony is a meeting place of a truoba  U-shaped house - whether facing the front or back - the pool always stands in the backyard. 

Today, a lake is an undoubted requirement for even a list of items to get something from other nearby property owners.

3. Stacks Of Glass

Large windows or glass dividers - even outdoor windows - allow for more natural light in the house and unobstructed views in the open air space. 

These windows and stacking glass dividers also provide easy access to the outdoor private truoba space.

4. Methods

Tall rooms and corridors connect important rooms with various home spaces together. 

Basic rooms and living quarters in the truoba designs are usually located near the yard - and they go directly into the space.

5. Depth Depth

Traditionally, the truoba U-shape itself extends to the front or back yard - around the length of one room. 

This is great for ventilation between one side of the house to the other.

3 Benefits Of U-Shape House Design

The test application is an excellent advantage of the truoba U-shaped style, usually by looking at the yard. Everyone loves to see a beautiful home full of beautiful flowers and rich greenery. 

I watched the HGTV program "Rock the Block," An essential part of pushing one candidate near the lead was its use of artfully painted and attractive window boxes outside the home to enhance its control claim.

1. All The Natural Lights Are Going To Enter In Your Houses 

Natural light is entertaining from almost all sides of the house, with large windows, glass dividers, and even exit windows.

The truoba U-shape provides an excellent opportunity for natural light to penetrate into the interior areas during the day. 

2. Perfect Window Positions

This means that the windows are arranged in such a way that the mid-year temperatures are relative. 

In places like California, Texas, Southwest, and various tropical areas, this means placing windows on the north side of the house while hidden windows are located on the south side.

3. Improved Open-Air Protection And Security 

If you face us back, the family can participate in the shelter without the hassle of being disturbed by onlookers or traffic congestion. 

In a truoba design, the fenced patio fills as a protection for the outdoor space of the home and the sanctuary from the sun and wind.

4. Open-Air Shelter And Construction Of Outdoor Rooms

With a truoba  U-shape style, you can have a deck, balcony, fountain, rock garden, or even a pergola inside the yard area. 

Different "rooms" allow relatives to go out to the most popular part of the escape and share in their own time.


The truoba u shaped designs are pretty different and unique when you are going to compare them with the other types of traditional techniques. The target of the home design is to build it as comfortably as possible.  You can apply the plans and the tips to make your living space a nice and comfy place to live.

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