It seems like you can't open a news feed today without being hit over the head with 2 or 3 articles about how much eCommerce is killing brick-and-mortar stores. A little-known fact among all of that noise, however, is that eCommerce only accounts for about9-10% of total retail sales.

That means, when it comes to shopping, brick-and-mortar retail still reigns supreme. That doesn't mean though that opening a physical retail business will lead to surefire sales.

Retail business owners still need to strategize to maximize their revenue potential. A big part of that strategy includes the way you organize your retail business space.

To help you achieve that end, our team has put together this article to give you actionable tips you can start implementing today!

1. Pick Your Floor Plan :

When setting up a retail space there are various floor plans that are best suited for different types of business operations.

Grid Floor Plans

Grid floor plans are most typically used in grocery and convenience stores. They typically have multiple linear aisles that are excellent at showcasing shelved goods like food, toys, and hardware.

Free Flow Floor Plans

Free flow floor plans are most commonly seen in boutique stores. They allow customers a lot in the way of flexibility, comfort, and provide an upscale feeling.

Loop Floor Plans

Loop floor plans are good at increasing floor space and guiding your customer's experience. These floor plans take customers down a pathway that eventually guides them back to the register.

2. Add Speed Bumps to Your Floor Plan :

If you have the space to do so, it's good to break up select aisles with pop-up displays situated in the middle of walkways.

These pop-up displays will get a lot of attention given that people will need to mindfully circumvent them. Pop-up displays can be helpful in pushing a certain product.

Pop-up displays also slow customers down which will increase the likelihood they'll browse your store for longer periods of time.

3. Rotate Out Your Power Wall :

There's probably a wall in your store that will get the most attention from customers. Maybe it's a wall that's unavoidable when you enter or exit a store or one that's simply the biggest.

Whatever it is, make sure your key products/best sales are prominently displayed on that wall and do your best to rotate what you're featuring regularly to add an element of freshness to your space.

To take your team's communication and coordination of key displays further, consider investing in retail management software.

4. Let Aisles Breath :

It's required by law that you have at least 3 feet worth of space between aisles. You should exceed this rule however by at least 6 inches to increase customer comfort.

The more comfortable your customers are, the more likely they'll be to shop longer and come back for future visits.

5. Invest in Good Lighting :

Lighting is one of the most important elements of adding comfort to space. If a retail store is too dark, you'll creep people out. If it's too bright, shoppers could become self-conscious or irritated.

Find the perfect balance of lighting that is welcoming and also showcases your products as wonderfully as possible. If you do you'll experience an almost immediate uptick in sales!

Wrapping Up Tips on How to Organize Your Retail Business Space

Organizing your retail business space is key to driving consistent sales. To get started, we recommend implementing the tips suggested above.

Invest in good lighting, pick a solid floor plan, make sure your customers have room to move around, rotate out key displays, and throw in some pop-up displays here and there.

Doing those things will help pave the way for your retail related success!

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