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It is inevitable that candidates who appear for JEE Main are eager to know which colleges they would be getting admission calls for. Top 2 lakh candidates that qualify the exam get to appear for JEE Advanced which is the entry level exam for the IIT’s, the premier engineering institutes of India. Top leaders in various top-notch companies and founders of successfully operating start-ups are the alumni of IIT’s.

There is a zeal amongst engineering aspirants to estimate their future by using the rank predictor for JEE Main, a tool that facilitates estimated ranks and assists the candidates get an idea about the colleges they are likely to get into, merely by entering the related information. Once candidates are able to gauge their rank and college, they can plan about the streams and the branches of engineering that they would chose ahead. Using the rank predictor mentally prepares students understand how they would be able to muddle through with a particular course.

However the students as well as parents need to understand that the accuracy of rank predictor is not cent percent. There may be variance of few points while calculating the ranks.

How to use Rank Predictor to check your Estimated Rank?

Candidates have to calculate their JEE Main score before predicting the rank. To get the likely score, follow the steps given below-

  • First the candidates will have to use the main answer key in order to evaluate the expected score.
  • Candidates will have to adhere to the marking guide as stipulated in the exam pattern while calculating the score. For every right answer, candidates should add four marks and for multiple or incorrect responses candidates will have to deduct 1 mark.
  • Candidates will then subtract the total score for right answers from that of of wrong answers to get the ultimate score.

 Follow the steps given below to use JEE Main Rank Predictor-

  • Visit JEE Rank Predictor
  • Enter the required information such as name, contact number, email id, roll number, birth date, expected marks, sectional score, Category, Preferred Branches, State and Preferred location
  • After entering the above-mentioned details, candidates will click the ‘Predict Now’ tab.
  • The rank predictor will show the approximate rank on the basis of the details mentioned. Candidates will be in a position to check the possibility to qualify for JEE Advanced. The overall report will be sent to the registered email ID.

Other than the predicted rank, JEE rank predictor also highlights top colleges to choose from and other colleges on the basis of the predicted rank.

How JEE Main Rank Predictor Benefits Candidates:

The database in the rank predictor is from hundreds of colleges in the country which will give AIR up to 100,000. The many benefits of rank predictor are mentioned below-

  • Based on your performance in JEE Main get to know your predicted result beforehand.
  • Get to know where you stand among the other candidates as the rank predictor gives an analysis of the competition level.
  • Get to know updates of admission status and session dates in B. Tech colleges across India.
  • Start preparing for the right colleges which you may get with your forecasted result.
  • Prepare your plan well before other applicants.

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