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Tips you can use when hiring Vancouver ICBC Car Accident Lawyers

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read February 8, 2019 Last Updated on: February 13th, 2019

Car Accident Lawyers

Getting involved in a road accident is among the most terrifying things you can ever think of. When you find yourself in such a situation, the only thing that will come to your mind is safety first. This means your safety, the passenger’s safety and also your car condition.

Sometimes, even a small wreck can turn out to be a big issue especially when insurance issues come up or if the accident also involves a corporate vehicle. Anyway, if the situation becomes quite unbearable and you aren’t able to handle things on your own, you might need to seek the services of a personal injury attorney.

These people are always highly trained and experienced to help you get compensation when you get involved in an accident. They will also help you get reimbursed for any medical expenses you might incur. Well, it might be a bit of a hassle to find a good accident attorney but the following tips might be able to help. You can also find some help here http://bc.timlouislaw.com

Tips you can use when hiring Vancouver ICBC Car Accident Lawyers:

Schedule meetings:

Well, unless your situation will need you to respond much faster, you can take some time and schedule meetings with a few accident attorneys in order to find the right one. This can easily be done since most of the accident attorneys doesn’t usually charge for consultations.

Doing so means that you will have time to communicate with your potential car accident attorney for quite some time as your case proceeds, allowing you to find out whether the person you are talking to is professional enough to handle your case.

Also, make sure that the person has your best interest at heart and not only after your money.


This is another important point that you shouldn’t overlook as it has always brought many problems between clients and the lawyers.

Anyway, just as most of them doesn’t always charge for consultations, they also won’t charge you any fee unless the case is over and you have won. Only after the case is won will the lawyer make a small percentage reduction of the total compensation you will be awarded as his or her fee for the services offered.

Make sure you go for such kind of lawyers as it might not be a good idea to pick someone who will demand any sort of payments before even listening to what you have to offer.

Ask about the price:

Still on the issue of payments, if you have found a lawyer that will take a percentage of your compensation as the fee, make sure you ask to know the exact percentage.

So that you avoid any problems in the future, make sure you are aware of what the lawyer will take as the charge for his or her services. Ensure that you get a service contract that states this amount explicitly and keeps yourself a copy of it in your personal records.

Give all the information:


It is important that you let your attorney know everything you know regarding the accident. When you go to make the first visit, ensure to carry all the necessary documents that are relevant to the case.

This includes your car’s insurance policy, hospital bills as a result of the accident, medical insurance policy, car photos after the accident, copies from the police statements and any information of the other involved parties.

Providing such information earlier will enable your attorney to build a case a bit faster and this also mean getting compensation quicker. Click here to see some documents you need to show your attorney when involved in an accident.

Don’t expect a fast settlement:

When you are having such a case, you shouldn’t be expecting any fast settlement. Such cases usually take months or years sometimes before they are over or you receive your compensation.

However, you should still maintain contact with you all through the process and keep communication in case there’s any new development on the case. These cases usually take a while before they are cleared by the court thus making it a lengthy process.

Play your role:

In a much as you are depending on your lawyer to do for you much of the work, you also need to do your part. Remember you are a team now and the lawyer you hired is only one player.

Playing your part means maintaining all your appointments with your attorney, organizing and keeping all your documents neatly for easy accessibility.

You also need to ensure that all the phone calls and letters received from the attorney are answered promptly, appear in court when needed. If you follow the lawyer’s instructions and show some respect to the judge, you’ll just be okay. Help the attorney to help you out.


Accidents are always unexpected and can happen to anyone, therefore, you need to be prepared for when you find yourself involved in one. You should know what things you need to do first when you get into an accident and if you find yourself needing an attorney, the tips above can help you out.

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