Things to Know About Social Security Disability

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Social Security Disability

According to the Social Security Administration, about 25% of the 20-year-olds today may become disabled when they reach the age of 67. If you are one of these, then you may want to consider your retirement as there is a greater chance that you will not be working for long.

Fortunately, Social Security is a lot more than a government body that provides retirement income for the elderly. The program is also there to pay disability benefits that are going to be based on the years of work you have done.

Based on your history, you may be provided an inflation-protected stream of income if you cannot work any longer. Here are the things that you need to know about Social Security Insurance.

1. The Insurance Can Come in Two Forms

social security disability

Usually, you may hear your friend refer to social security disability when they are referring to the social security disability insurance. This program is typically designed to be a replacement for lost income, especially if the worker becomes injured and disabled.

Aside from this, another program called the SSI or Supplemental Security Income is based on your current financial needs and not on your current record. You can contact Florida’s Port Orange SSD lawyers for more information about the two and see if you are qualified for one of them. You can also ask the experts about which program you should apply for to make the process faster.

2. Who is Eligible for the Benefits?

There are specific qualifications that individuals should meet before they qualify for the disability benefits. The first one is that you need to be employed with a company that Social Security covers, and you should make contributions for a specific amount of time.

There is a duration of work test that will determine the minimum requirements that you should meet based on your current age. This can vary from one and a half years for those employees disabled before the age of 28 and about ten years to those people who were disabled at the age of 60.

The recent work test is something that you need to satisfy. This is equivalent to half of a specific period before your disability. If you were paralyzed before after your 31st birthday, you need to work at least five out of the ten-year period that ends with the calendar quarter when you got your medical condition or injury.

Another important factor is you need to be obviously disabled. The benefits are there because they are payments for people who cannot work because they have disabilities. The condition is expected to last for at least one year or if it results in death.

The point is that you should be completely unable to work. There are no such things as short-term benefits or partial disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

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3. How Much is Will You Be Getting?

Like those who have retired, the taxed earnings average is usually the basis for calculating your Social Security benefits.

Generally, the amount is slightly less than you would have expected if you worked until you retired. This will all make sense as those people may earn more later in their careers. The disability will hinder an individual from reaching their peak earning years, which is why they do not get as much as the retirees.

There’s data that can back this up because, in February 2021, the average amount that a retired worker has gotten is about $2000 every month while the disabled worker gets $1236. Know more about statistics on this page here.

The amount varies according to the individual’s status. If you want to get a more accurate figure, you can always check the most recent statement that you have got from Social Security. Create an account and log in to the website. So, you can view your statement. This account can include other benefits like Medicare and the amount you could expect to get from the disability benefits if you are going to qualify within this year.

4. What to Expect During the Application Process?

Overall, many people find that it is easy to file an application form. It can take about 15 minutes to process the application, and you can apply online with your birth certificate, social security number, details of your work history, and medical information. They may require you to give them a copy of relevant test results, your medical results, received care, current medications, and your recent tax return.

Once you have applied, you need to complete various other forms. You need to file a form that will tell the SSA about your medical condition. Your physician may need to fill the form as well, and the SSA will decide whether you are meeting the definition of a disabled. More about the definition of a disabled on this site here:

As one might have imagined, every paperwork and subsequent evaluation of the case may take several months. The SSA advises that the processing of disability benefits applications may take about five months, so you may want to apply as soon as possible.

5. Some of the Members of the Family May Get Benefits

5. Some of the Members of the Family May Get Benefits

Disability benefits are not just applicable for those people who cannot work any longer. In some situations, the family members of the disabled will get the SSDI if applicable. They may include the following:

  • Your husband or wife if they are at least 62 years of age
  • Your spouse can get the benefits too if they are caring for your children who are under 16 years old
  • If you have a child who is under 18
  • A disabled child, especially if they have a disability that had started before they turned 22

You need to keep in mind that if you have many family members that are qualified to get the benefits, there is only a maximum amount of money that can be paid based on your work records. The amount will include your benefits, which can range from 150% or 180% of your social security benefit amount. If the calculated benefit exceeds the maximum allowable amount, the other members’ income will be reduced proportionally.

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