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Alexa is the number one personal assistant that Amazon has proudly launched. It can help us interact and make schedules, book appointments, talk with others and whatnot.
Alexa is designed to perform many skills which is why Alexa has become more useful and more convenient to use. Use the Amazon coupons to get your Alexa home.
Some of the basic Alexa skills include:

  • Alexa calling and messaging: Alexa can help you make phone calls and answer them as well. You can also send or receive messages with the Amazon Alexa. It can also make reminders for you and even set appointments.

  • Alexa Voice Shopping: You can order products online or you can even track things online.

  • Alexa Smart Home: Alexa is a smart device that helps make your home smart and a very happy place to go. It can induce smart lighting, smart thermostats etc.,

  • Alexa Home Services: Alexa is known for other home services as well like acting as a host when you have guests. It can help them find the wifi password, find where the washroom is and all another home related stuff. You can give your guest privacy and also comfort at the same time

    Newly added cool features:

  • Plan a Vacation: When you want to plan a vacation it often gets clumsy with the dates, hotel bookings, money management etc., Well with Alexa you are sorted because Alexa can get you the best vacation plans and ideas if you have a kayak account linked.

  • Request an Uber: Both Uber and Lyft have Alexa compatibility skills. All you need to do is ask Alexa and you can get an uber ride within minutes

  • Make Donations: With Alexa, you can make donations for the poor and the needy. There are over 50 organizations that accept voice managed donations. In order to make these donations, one thing that is very important is the Amazon pay balance in your Amazon account.

  • Order Flowers: You can get a bouquet of flowers for your loved ones with the Amazon Alexa when it is connected with 1-800-flowers.

  • Connect to your Fit Bit: Activity trackers these days are very handy. Now make them more usable with the Amazon Alexa. The Fitbit skill on Alexa helps you to know and track your activity during the day.

  • Start your car: Yes you can start your cars with the new Alexa feature on the automobiles like Hyundai, BMW, Ford, Mercedes etc.

  • What to expect Skill: This is a very useful skill that helps you to know what you have to be prepared for during your pregnancy.

Other skills of Alexa include: 

Skill Description
Mayo clinic skill To provide basic first aid
Inspire me to skill Provide inspirational quotes
NASA Mars skill Know what is happening on Mars
This day in history skill Know the significance of this day
Instant Pot skill Gives instant pot recipes
Task rabbit skill Makes a request for task rabbit service
TED talks skill Play your favorite ted talks
Word of the Day skill Helps increase your vocabulary

Customise Skills:  

With the new developments in the Alexa, you can now make your own Alexa skill. Don’t rely on the developers anymore; make a blueprint of your much wanted Alexa skill. Use Amazon’s Blueprint program and create your own skill that Alexa can do for you.  

  • Log into your Amazon account on the
  • Select the type of skill that you want to make.
  • Choose the perfect template to match your skill.
  • Press the make your own button to start.
  • Add Q&A and then add the experience button.
  • You can edit the quiz intro with different effects.
  • That’s it your very own personalized skill is ready on Alexa.

For all those in a dilemma whether to buy an Alexa friendly device or not, The Alexa skills are your answer. Alexa is a wonderful device with the maximum benefits. Now buy your favorite Alexa compatible device with the Amazon coupon code and make your life easier and happy.

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