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The Relevance of Hydraulic Gear Pumps in Pumping Fluid

author-img By zacferrys 5 Mins Read February 23, 2018 Last Updated on: March 15th, 2023

Gear Pumps utilize the interlocking of different gears for pumping fluid. They’re widely used for generating hydraulic fluid power as well as the installation of chemicals i.e. pumping fluids with different viscosities. In simple terms, hydraulic gear pumps are essentially mechanical devices that are used for creating hydraulic energy. They’re designed to generate flow using just the right amount of power for overcoming pressure caused because of the load. You will find these hydraulic gear pumps in the industrial sectors and most of them are used for creating power sources. Here, find out more about hydraulic gear pumps as well as its importance.

Hydraulic Gear Pump Explained :

A hydraulic gear pump has a higher efficiency level, usually over ninety percent. They’re available in different mounting options or formats such as DIN and SAE. These pumps can be purchased either in multiple or single pump options and feature a relief valve. Different types of hydraulic motors and pumps are used for different industrial processes. Typically, heavy plants, and commercial and agricultural equipment industries, use a wide variety of reversible pumps as well as gear motors along with hydraulic gear pumps to fulfil their tasks.

  • Hydraulic gear pumps come with displacement or swept volume in the range of 1-200 milliliters. After they’ve created pressure owing to the interlocking or meshing of gears, they force the fluid surrounding their gears to create pressure towards the pump’s outlet.
  • Today, hydraulic gear pumps are designed to emit less noise during the process of fluid transfer. They’re also extremely reliable owing to their modern design that easily incorporates split style gears, high-quality tooth or gear profiles as well as helical gear teeth. This further enables them in meshing as well as un-meshing easily or smoothly, thereby minimizing ripples created due to pressure in addition to other related problems.
  • A hydraulic gear pump, as well as a motor, is designed to operate under difficult or heavy conditions. They’re capable of transmitting a high amount of hydraulic power, feature excellent hydraulic capacity and volumetric and mechanical efficiency. They emit low noise and come in compact sizes as well as low power/weight ratio. Such gear pumps are perfect for mobile as well as industrial sectors.

How Does a Hydraulic Gear Pump Operate?

Once the gears of a hydraulic gear pump are in motion, they begin to separate from each other and move towards the side from where the fluid is taken in. This causes void as well as suction, which is later filled by the fluid. This fluid is then carried with the help of gears towards the discharging portion of the hydraulic gear pump. Here, the interlocking or meshing of different gears causes the displacement of fluid. The mechanical as well as tight clearance, aside to the rotation speed, prevents backward leaking of the fluid. The hydraulic gear pump’s houses, as well as the gears’ rigid construction, create an extremely high level of pressure.

This allows it to pump fluids that are extremely vicious. A wide range of hydraulic gear pumps is available in the market today. These pumps feature different sets of gears such as the herringbone and helical gears, lobe-shaped rotors that are almost like Roots blowers, and are primarily utilized as superchargers as well as mechanical hydraulic gear pumps.

Different types of hydraulic gear pumps are used for meeting different application requirements. Hydraulic gear pumps are basically durable, less expensive, and designed for meeting varied displacement pressures or sizes. Typically, they’re rated around 3,000 psi i.e. 206 bars of pressure for operating. However, they can touch a higher rating of around 4,500 psi.


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