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Is It Worth Studying Part-Time BBA Tourism And Travel Management?

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Part-Time BBA Tourism And Travel Management

Travel and tourism are among the most popular sectors in India and around the world. This industry contributes heavily to the GDP of the total economy, making it an important business avenue. This is the secret to the popularity of the BBA in tourism.

In India, travel, and tourism contributed 6.8%, which is Rs. 13 68,100 crores (roughly US$ 194.30 billion) to the total economy in 2019. As per Statista, the global contribution of this industry is a staggering 5.81tr USD. 

Solely the popularity and the impact of this sector is reason enough for students to opt for BBA tourism and travel management. You can also quickly pursue this program part-time, which will not clutter your schedule and will give you time and space to manage other responsibilities. 

So, if you are wondering whether part-time BBA tourism and travel management is a good option, read ahead.  

Benefits Of Part-Time BBA Programs  

In this competitive market, every student or professional is looking to get ahead by focusing on new learning and building enhanced skills. Such a scenario often requires one to juggle work with studies, and hence opting for a full-time BBA program is not a feasible option. 


  1. Same Benefits Like The BBA Programs 
  2. Excellent Classroom Learning Facility
  3. Good Salary Packages
  4. Great Growth Opportunity:

1. Same Benefits Like The BBA Programs 

A part-time BBA tourism and travel management are by no means different from a full-time program. The curriculum, mode of learning, and instructor for both programs remain the same. Similarly, the course will result in excellent work prospects as it will imbibe you with the required expertise for the field. So, a part-time BBA will bring you the same result as its other counterpart. 

The only thing that will change is that instead of regular classes, you will have part-time classes, either during the evening or during the night. Professionals who are working part-time or full-time find it easier to attend such classes as it does not disturb their work schedule. 

2. Excellent Classroom Learning Facility

Part-time BBA tourism and travel management allow you to experience classroom learning without impacting your daily schedule. You get to go ahead in your career by catching up on the latest changes and trends in the sector and also get to expand your network by meeting other professionals in the classroom. 

Another huge benefit is that part-time programs are comparatively more affordable than full-time programs, which means you don’t have to worry about paying huge course fees. 

3. Good Salary Packages

Many of the BBA pursuers are continuing their study because these studies are increasing their good career opportunities. And good salary packages are the best advantages of pursuing a BBA in tourism.

Many of the students keep asking if the salary packages will be the same as the regular courses. Yes, now, most of the modern BBA tourism and travel management courses providing institutes are offering the classroom facilities along with the other learning facilities. So there is no chance of lacking the knowledge.

4. Great Growth Opportunity:

If you like to have a growth opportunity, then the distance courses BBA is not going to be a problem. Every institute is now offering the same flexibility and job searching facilities to every student. 

The part-time BBA is an excellent opportunity for finding the best career opportunities. You do not have to quit your regular jobs, but you are getting the opportunities to try out the new segment of your career life. 

Scope Of Part-Time BBA Tourism And Travel Management 

The tourism and travel industry is among the fastest-growing sectors in the world, with numerous job openings. After the pandemic, this sector has undergone a lot of technological upgrades, making it safe for tourists to travel and stay in hotels. 

The growth of this industry does have a positive impact on overall career opportunities as it allows students to pursue various job roles that are dynamic and offer good remuneration. Also, there is tremendous scope to grow in this industry as you can experience enormous personal and professional development in the tourism and travel sector. 

Being a globally popular sector, it allows you to pursue work opportunities in various countries and does not physically limit you to one place. So, with a BBA in tourism and travel, the world is your oyster, and you can take your career to new heights. 


The part-time BBA is no less than any type of other education. Students are getting the same value from the industry. As they no longer have to quit their jobs and continue their studies. Just check two factors before enlisting your names in the part-time BBA. The job opportunity provided by the institute. Another one is the time schedule for the classes. The scheduling of the classes is a pretty important thing. So which course type are you prefer? Let us know through the comment section.


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