Hydrovac is a combination of two words- Hydro and Vacuum.

As the name suggests, it is a process related to digging, drilling, and excavation that uses water and vacuum suction to remove the soil.

There are so many businesses and industries that require specialized services to help remove mud and debris. For example, businesses that are in construction need to dig to remove the soil and set up the foundation of buildings.

Power and energy companies keep digging up different parts of the neighborhood to fix new lines, repair damaged ones, and for regular maintenance.

While businesses and public players that look after water supplies, drainage, and sewerage might also feel the need to remove the soil for carrying out their work.

Up until recently, the only option that was available for these companies and industries was using excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, and laborers with shovels in their hands.

In this article, we look to help businesses pick the right hydrovac service company for all their excavation-related work.

How does a Hydrovac System Work: A Basic Introduction

We have already mentioned that there are two essential components in a hydrovac system- water and air.

Hydrovac exercises are carried out by trucks that have installed in them, high-pressure water jets, and air suction pipes. On being called into service, the operators use water jets and pump the soil. The effect this has is that it loosens up the soil and converts it into a slurry.

Once the soil has been converted into semi-liquid form, a high-power air suction pipe is used to remove the slurry out and fill it into excavation trucks. In terms of promoting efficiency, reducing turnaround times, and saving costs, nothing compared to a hydrovac service company.

Once the required levels have been hit and work completed, the same slurry is used to cover the worksite. This means that it is a sustainable model of digging and excavation that should be employed by businesses in the niche.

List of 7 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Hydrovac Service Company

In this section, we are going to list down seven important factors that you and your business need to consider before hiring hydrovac services in south dakota.

1. Experience-

Running a hydrovac is a highly specialized operation. This means that the more experienced the company, the better will it be for your project. Make sure to go for a company that has had prior experience of carrying out work similar to yours. This will allow them to be aware of all possible challenges that they need to look for and mistakes that they should avoid making.

2. Credibility-

You must opt for hydrovac service companies that are reputed and credible. You can always ask for referrals from the company itself, or ask around after taking help from your colleagues. Experts recommend that doing your own research can help. You can go to the company’s GMB pages, social media profiles and look up reviews on B2B sites.

3. Location-

One of the most important factors that you need to consider is hiring a hydrovac company that is stationed as close to your worksite as possible. This will ensure timely working conditions and save extra costs that you might have to pay for the fuel. The closer the location of the hydrovac company to the site, the better and more efficient will it be for you.

4. Trucks-

There are different make, models, and functions when it comes to different trucks. You need to go for trucks according to the scale of the excavation operations. You also need to consider whether the digging site is off-road or on-road. Different trucks come with different water storage and suction capacities. They also differ in terms of the length of the pipes.

5. Certifications-

You do not want to be hiring a hydrovac company that does not have the necessary licenses and permits to operate. Make sure you check for all the possible certifications that are required by the government. There is paperwork that hydrovac operators need to take care of. You do not want to be paying a fine to the authorities for employing an illegal operator.

6. Insurance-

Any digging and excavation-related work always has a dangerous angle to it. This means that you need to ensure that your business is protected. This can happen only if the workers and operators that have come with the truck are covered by their company’s insurance policies. You do not want to be living under the fear of paying compensation from your pocket.

7. Awareness of Laws-

The best hydrovac companies are aware of almost all digging and excavation laws in a region. Even if you are not aware of the same, this can prove to be highly helpful. It can prevent you from getting into trouble with the authorities. All this is a feature that comes with experience. Make sure that you ask the hydrovac companies for inputs to cover knowledge gaps.

By taking into consideration the above-mentioned seven factors, you will be able to get the best hydroponic operators for your digging and excavation needs.

List of 5 Different Applications of Hydrovac Services

You might be wondering what are some common applications or business niches that require hydrovac services and companies. In this section, let us look at five common applications-


Digging trenches for laying water pipelines is the first and probably the most used application for hydrovac services. This allows professionals and utility experts to gain access to telephone lines, wires, and electrical cables.


Gas pipeline operators frequently employ hydrovac services due to the dangerous nature of their work. One wrong move can result in explosions. The precision of the hydrovac water jets makes it possible to avoid accidents on sites.


This is a routine process that is done during day hours by experts. This helps them take stock of the existing condition of already operating pipelines, cables, and other utilities. This is a one-day exercise that is done for normal maintenance.

Bore Support-

In many cases, support needs to be provided laterally against a bigger drill. This is common when it comes to installing signage and traffic lights and posts. Hydrovac allows for directional drilling and providing bore support.

Debris Removal-

Construction sites need to move massive volumes of soil to plant foundation pillars on which the buildings will stand. This requires heavy-duty hydrovac services that would use a blower system to excavate tons of soil for foundation setting.

The Bottom Line

In the last few years, the advent of hydrovac service companies has helped improve safety and security at sites. This has led to fewer incidents of workers getting injured and businesses paying compensations.

If you are a business that is looking to boost productivity, reduce turnaround times, and save on costs, make sure that you hire the best hydrovac service company. Paying attention to the seven factors will allow you to hire a hydrovac company that is experienced, credible, and has all the licenses and permits to operate.

If you have any questions, you would like us to answer on hydrovac services, please let us know in the comments below. We would be more than happy to help address some of the common concerns and problems in this regard.

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