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How to Choose the Right Fireplace Glass Doors

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Fireplace Glass Doors

Nothing can ruin the moment of basking in front of a fireplace than sparks floating into your sitting room and burning your floor. To avoid this situation, having a door in front of the fireplace is vital. They are a must-have regardless of the type of fireplaces you own.

Fireplace glass doors are double glass doors that cover the front of fireplaces are as important as the home-protection devices you’re investing. These doors can withstand high temperatures of fire and make it burn better. These features among some of the major home improvement projects make the doors safe and efficient for fireplaces.

The glass doors come in different designs and sizes. Some buy it as standard sizes and then adjust it to fit their fireplace. Others prefer to get custom fireplace glass doors that suit their taste and needs. These custom-made ones are constructed to fit the accurate dimension of a fireplace.

Whether you choose to buy a standard or custom-made glass door, here are a few pointers that can help you choose the right one.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Fireplace Glass Doors

The following are some important factors to keep in mind before purchasing:

1. Know What Type of Fireplace You Own

1. Know What Type of Fireplace You Own

Before buying a door, it is important to know the type of fireplace you have chosen. Fireplaces are classified into two:

  • Masonry fireplaces
  • Factory-built fireplaces

Masonry fireplaces are built at the same time a house is constructed. As the name implies, it is made of brick, stone, and mortar. It has a chimney where smoke and ash go out from. On the other hand, factory-built are built somewhere else and then installed in your home. You can place it at any strategic point in your house.

You need to understand that different fireplaces will require a different approach. This means that if you own a flueless fireplace, you can place it anywhere you need. Not only is it a clean way to heat your home, but it also does not lead to any messes. Due to the fact that such fireplaces do not require chimneys or vents, you can practically place them anywhere you like.

Whether you have a masonry or factory-built fireplace, it is necessary to get a door. Buying a door for factory-built fireplaces though is a lot easier. For this reason, you need to establish the facts above before making any decision.

2. Know The Dimensions of Your Fireplace

2. Know The Dimensions of Your Fireplace

Ensure to have an accurate measurement of this opening. Take the dimensions of the hearth, top, and bottom of the firebox. Knowing these dimensions will help you decide if you need to get a custom-made or standard door.

A standard door is always an oversized fit while custom-made will fit the opening perfectly. The main reason why it is important to have the exact measurement of an opening is that oversized doors can reduce the efficiency of a fireplace. It might also lead to fire hazards.

So if you want doors that can improve the safety and efficiency of fireplaces, do not overlook the importance of having accurate measurements. If you wish to learn how to get the exact dimensions of your fireplace, check here: https://askinglot.com/how-do-i-measure-for-fireplace-doors

3. Know the Type of Glass Available

3. Know the Type of Glass Available

Glass doors are energy efficient. They help to increase the heat of fire by not allowing cooled or heated air from escaping. This feature reduces energy costs. There are two types of glass doors; tempered and ceramic glass.

The most common type is tempered glass. This glass can retain its look even when heated at high temperatures. It doesn’t break into dangerous shards neither does it melt at a high temperature.

Ceramic glass also has a high thermal rating. In fact, this glass can tolerate fire at higher temperatures. But ceramic glass is more expensive than tempered. You can choose any of these glass options based on the features that are most appealing to you.

4. Choose Doors Based On How it Opens

There are three kinds of fireplace doors: bi-fold, cabinet, and free-standing styling. Bi-fold opens like a closet while the cabinet style swings open at 180 degrees. As its name suggests, a bi-fold comes with double panels that fold into themselves on opening.

These doors are best if you like a wide view of your sitting room. The last one, the free-standing style works like a normal door. Check the market to see the opening styles available. Make sure the one you choose suits your sitting room aesthetics.

Choose an Appealing Door Style

From vintage to rustic to industrial and elegant, you have a wide range of door styles to choose from. You might decide to pick a contemporary design that can fit into any home décor. Whichever style you pick, make sure it has key features or details you can benefit from. For instance, if you do not have time to clean your fireplace door regularly, go for tinted glass. In this way, you can hide a stained wall from others.

Benefits of Fireplace Glass Doors

Here are some benefits of having this door:

a. Safety

Bringing fire into the house comes with risks. Fire can shoot sparks or embers. This can be dangerous to you and your family. Having a door for the fireplace will protect you and your loved ones from getting fire burns. It will also keep debris away from spreading around your sitting room.

b. Protecting Your House

Apart from protecting your family, this door also protects your house. Sparks from an open fireplace can burn rugs or carpets near it. These sparks could also land on other items in the house. If care is not taken, it can lead to a fire hazard destroying your home.

c. Efficiency

This door does more than protect you and your property. It improves the efficiency of your fireplace. It works just like your exterior doors and windows by trapping warm air in and keeping cool air out. When not in use, a tightly shut glass door will prevent cool air from escaping your firebox. It will also trap warm fire air. This retains the heat efficiency of fire when using it. For a better understanding of how glass doors are heat efficient, read this article.


Whether you own a masonry or factory-built fireplace, having doors is important. Not only do they protect your house from burning, but they are also energy efficient. They can also improve your homes’ aesthetic value too. So, keep in mind the pointers mentioned when buying it as well as the benefits of having one. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the right glass doors for your fireplace.

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