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A Reception Desk Made of Glass? We Can Help You Achieve that Look!

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read February 25, 2019

Reception Desk

Do reception desks have personalities? It’s a question best answered by trained interior designers who understand that first impressions are essential if business owners are to gain the confidence of clients.

In fact, one look at the reception area surroundings sends a distinct message: We are confident. Creative. Perhaps even out of the ordinary.

Details matter. Whether clients encounter a lobby dominated by clutter or mismatched chairs, reputations can rise or fall at a glance, which is why deciding to make a single, powerful statement that says everything clients need to know about what to expect from you is an ideal way to launch your office redesign or build out.

We recommend a one-of-a-kind reception desk that stops people in their tracks: a construction fixture composed of layering glass to achieve a clean, dramatic and powerful statement. Keep reading to learn how you can make this happen at your company.

Why glass?

You already understand the structural power of glass and the historical role it has played since time immemorial. From early days of metal-braced glass structures to today’s thick, tempered, load-bearing slabs that stand on their own without supports, glass has gone from a strictly brittle material to panels capable of delivering notable resistance in aggressive environments.

Over time, the manufacture, finishing, and production of glass have become so sophisticated, your decision to add a glass desk to symbolize this evolution makes design sense, too. Update your outer office furnishings. Choose luxe wall coverings in place of paint. An impressive desk crafted of glass layers acts as a design chameleon, adjusting to new environmental elements without having to be replaced.

Advice from Inc. magazine:

Editors at this prestigious magazine have taken the “first impression factor” down to just 7 seconds (https://www.inc.com/jeff-pochepan/this-part-of-your-office-can-have-a-major-impact-on-your-brands-image.html), thus your use of glass as your preferred desk construction material works fast to impress.

“A custom made a desk with curves, textures, or even strategic lighting gives off an air of originality and tells your business contacts that your company is at the forefront of your industry, and you’re not going anywhere,” add editors eager to stress the importance of this first impression.

Given the diversity of glass, it’s possible to deliver that message via everything from horizontal to vertical slabs, translucent and opaque, patterned, etched, pictorial, back-lit, single or multi-colored–and just about any look, a glass artist is capable of achieving.

Turn your idea into your glass-layered desk:

Few resources are as filled with as many ideas as Pinterest, the website that has built its reputation on showing off the clever designs undertaken people who have originated unique art that’s often as practical as it is breathtaking. Find glass layering inspiration here: https://www.pinterest.com/maria620047/stacking-glass-design/?lp=true.

Once you come up with a basic concept that resembles the desk you desire, you need an expert to turn that inspiration into reality. That’s where we come in: https://www.sohomod.com/.

Our collection of glass-embellished front desks includes 100 basic designs, and each is customizable to suit your budget and your aesthetic. Our curved designs are especially popular because they marry professionalism with dynamic styling, so you achieve the first impression you desire.

Why choose us over other resources?

We provide distinct, unique office furnishings for companies throughout the U.S. and there are reasons out clients say they prefer us to local entities that may wind up costing them more for their glass desk design and installation. Consider us your headquarters for glass desks that stand out from the ordinary:

  • We’ve been around since 2009 and our reputation for quality has grown since we first opened our doors.
  • We’re based in New York City, so you don’t have to wait for overseas shipments to get your furniture.
  • Our staff consists of 30+ experts representing all facets of the furniture industry. We know what we’re talking about.
  • Our relationship with vendors is impeccable. As a result, we don’t have to compromise on materials.
  • We always have inventory on hand, so you don’t have to wait forever to get your reception desk.
  • Our staff has a deep respect for budgets because we are mindful of ours.
  • We stand behind our work, which is why clients recommend us so often.

Your bottom line:

Whether your design taste or budget is at the heart of your reception desk project, your needs come first. Turn to us for original design or let us show you how we can tailor modular components to produce the look and function you seek without compromising design integrity.

Our clients frequently turn to us with one idea in mind but when they spot our reception desks with fixed light panels, they fall in love regularly! That could happen to you.

On the other hand, if bells and whistles aren’t your cups of tea, you’ll have so many options from which to choose, settling on just one design configuration may be difficult. We understand. We know how important it is to get it right when it comes to that 7-second impression parameter Inc. magazine editors cite.

In other words, the phrase “It’s all about you” is more than just lip service. Contact us now and let’s discuss your project and the impact it can have on every person walking through your front door. And why not take advantage of our coupons page (https://www.sohomod.com/coupons)? We weren’t joking when we mentioned how serious we are about budgets!

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