A car’s aesthetic appearance is what draws the first impression. But, what if we tell you there are “n” number of possibilities that can result in damaged car paint. That glittering showroom shine is just one scratch away from looking all dull and dreary. You need to take action.
Worry not! We have listed down 5 best ways to keep your car gleaming and protected for a very long time.

Wash your car routinely:

Yes, it is as easy as it sounds. Just by washing and cleaning your car is half the job done. All that accumulated grime, dust, pollutants and nasty bird droppings, is doing serious damage and should be washed- away.

This job requires a Sunday morning, buckets of water, basic car care products and lots and lots of T-L-C.
But beware! No dirty t-shirts and no dish-washing soap. Use a purpose made Ph-neutral car shampoo and a microfibre cloth. Do it the proper way, or you might end up unintentionally damaging your car’s paint job. Car cleaning is one thing you can obviously do it yourself at home but, we suggest getting your car properly cleaned and detailed every month by a reputed car detailer.
Also, make a habit of covering your car or parking under shade when possible. For extra points, of course!

Car wax is your best friend:

Car wax- the elixir of the car gods, the guardian of the paint. Car wax is the best and the most efficient way to seal your car’s paint. Car wax offers brilliant paint protection, adds water beading properties to the paint, repels road grime, resists surface scratches all that while giving your car a spanking showroom shine.

Did you know? Carnauba wax or Brazilian wax is a hard, pasty white extract from the leaves of the palm tree Copernicia prunifera. Carnauba wax has been the prime choice of many professional car detailers and enthusiasts for ages.

Waxing your car can be done at home, provided, the skills and tools. We suggest letting a professional car denting painting expert take care of this. If you haven’t had your car waxed, you are leaving the paint vulnerable.

Here’s a top tip: wax your car before the start of every season to prepare and prime the car’s paint for any elements.

Ceramic coating; for added paint protection:

Synthetic and polymer car paint protection is a radical new technology in the automotive industry which offers superb protection that promises long-lasting shine. You might have heard of Teflon and Ceramic paint protection for cars. These are chemically synthesized from a fluoropolymer which bonds to the paint offering a brilliant shine, doing away with the problem of corrosion, scratches, and scuffs keeping your car like new for a long time.

Well,  this job requires professional intervention as it involves speciality equipment. Check out for the best deals and prices at your nearest car denting painting centres. A ceramic coating is a long-term investment worth going for.

Things to remember:

  1. Once the coating is applied, it is advised not to use soap or other harsh detergents on the paint as this can reduce the thickness of the coating.
  2. It is recommended to use specially formulated, ph neutral car wash shampoo for car washing after coating.

Don’t forget the underbody:

Yes, your car’s underbody. The very frame on which your car rests on. This is one tip that might save you expensive repairs. The running board, the floor pan, wheel wells almost everything is susceptible to more damage compared to your car paint.

Cue, anti-rust coating. Anti-Rust coating is a car underbody protection treatment, which is applied to the underbody of the car. A thick 2-3mm of a rubberized silicone-polyether layer is applied to the under-body to give it enhanced protection against rust and paint chips.

We can cite you 100 instances where rust and corrosion on the underpinnings resulted in some severe paint damage despite paint protection treatment. Also, get any dents and dings fixed at your nearest car denting painting centres. A dent today is a rust patch tomorrow.

ProTip: Underbody coating is specifically advised for car owners living in coastal regions to make sure the underbody is given a layer of protection from all salt, grime, and grit.

Car polish; the other brother of car wax:

Polish; a car paint’s one true love (besides car wax). Where car wax protects and preserves the paintwork, car polish on the other hand does the job of removing scratches and oxidation. A car polish contains nano abrasives with fine grit, that rubs away any imperfections from the paint, particularly from the top coat known as the clear coat. It helps in restoring the original colour-tone while giving the paint a glossy shine.

If your car has those pesky swirl marks or faded patches of paint, your car is the perfect candidate for a car polish. You might wanna let the experts tackle this though.

There you go, these are the 5 sure shot ways to protect and preserve your car’s paint.
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