With the new year just around the corner, people around the world are getting ready to make resolutions. For many, it’s about getting back in shape. Unfortunately, most people don’t end up following through and stop working out by February.

If you’re one of these people, there may be a few different alternatives out there for you. Here are 8 ways to get in shape without feeling like you’re working out.

1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding:

You may have seen people out on the water, gently gliding on top of their paddleboards. But what you may not know is that cruising on a stand-up paddleboard is actually an incredible, full-body workout. It's a low-impact exercise that focuses on balance, muscle isolation, and endurance.

2. Dancing:


Dance is one of my favorite ways to be able to work out without feeling like I’m working out. Every morning, put on your favorite playlist that gets you feeling motivated. Have a twenty-minute dance session to get your heart rate up.

Not feeling the solo dance party? Sign up for a hip-hop class or give a partner dance like salsa or the cha-cha a try. Whether you are dancing around the living room or taking a ballroom class, you’ll burn a few extra calories without having to hit the gym.

3. Go for a Hike or Long Walk:

Running certainly isn’t for everyone, especially if you have weak joints or bad knees. A great alternative for running on the treadmill is to go for a long walk or hit a trail for a hike.

Put on the latest episode of your favorite podcast to keep you focused on the conversation rather than how much farther you need to walk. Do you live by the mountains? Take to Mother Nature and pick a challenging hike to get your sweat on.

4. Find Lifestyle Alternatives:

This is one of my favorite sneaky ways to get in shape without feeling like I’m working out. Think about the things you do throughout the day where you could start incorporating fitness. For example, next time you’re at the grocery store, use a basket instead of pushing a cart. Do you usually take the escalator or elevator at work? Take the stairs instead.

5. Swimming


Your heart is one of the most important muscles you have in your entire body. Swimming is a great way to improve heart muscle conditions without thinking about working out. Try a water aerobics class or go to your local recreation center to sign up for a lap pool.

6. Ramp Up The Housework

Depending on your job, you may spend a lot of time sitting behind a computer screen. That doesn’t mean other responsibilities like household chores go away. When you’re finished with a long day of work, why not turn your household chores into an at-home workout? Getting in shape is sometimes just about getting creative with your ideas!

7. Play Ultimate Frisbee

According to a study by Ace Fitness, participants burned 500 calories or more during a forty-minute game of ultimate frisbee. And as an added bonus, most of the participants had no clue how much work they were doing. With elevated heart rates and keeping up with cardio, this game is a great way to burn extra calories.

8. Gardening


From weeding and whacking to mowing and trimming, gardening gives your body quite the workout. When gardening, your body is doing movements it isn’t used to like twisting, squatting, or pulling. You can easily burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories in 60 minutes of gardening depending on how intense you make the activity.

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