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Preparing For Retirement? 4 Tips To Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Investment Portfolio

By now you may have heard of the saying, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ This is a piece of financial advice that’s consistently repeated. When it comes to investments, that’s precisely what it means to diversify. If you want to achieve financial stability, it’s a good strategy to invest in different asset types and classes. This strategy provides you with ample protection in the event one asset type fails.

Investment diversification is even all the more important when your main purpose for creating financial stability is to prepare for your retirement. It’s never too early to plan for retirement. You can start by reading and researching more on different investment types, along with valuable insights and reviews from resources such as Advantage Gold reviews, which can guide you on how to add gold as part of a diversified portfolio.

A well-diversified investment portfolio can earn you a sizeable passive income that can sustain you throughout your retirement years. So, what does it take to achieve investment diversification? Here are some tips.

1. International Market Diversification

1. International Market Diversification

There are many ways for you to diversify your investment portfolio. One of the top tips is to venture into international markets. For example, there are many different ways to invest in countries like the UAE. (Also, this guide helps investors in the UAE diversify their portfolios.) This means investing in assets that aren’t just within your country. It entails investing assets overseas—specifically in countries with stronger economies.

By working with leading financial consultants with a proven track record, you will be able to make investments in different parts of the world. This will help you gain significantly in terms of diversifying your portfolio and benefitting from the growth that different national economies go through from time to time. There are many emerging economies that are registering strong growth and this will enable you to ride along with them.

Investing abroad is a good strategy to strengthen your investment portfolio so that not all of your assets go stale or bad. If your country’s market would perform poorly, you have some investments in international markets that may be doing well. The profit from those investments can help cover up any losses that your local assets may be facing.

2. Diversify Based On Asset Allocation

In general terms, there are two basic types of investments: stocks and bonds. All the other classes can be considered as subtypes with each asset type. The difference between both is that stocks are high-risk investments that promise high returns. On the other hand, bonds are more stable but also give off lower returns.

Asset allocation refers to minimizing risks by dividing your money between these two options. When you want to equally distribute your assets according to risk, you have to factor in your lifestyle and your age. The younger you are, the better this will be for your retirement preparation as well. The reason for this is when you’re younger, you have more leeway to take risks with your assets, giving you a higher chance to invest in stocks that offer higher returns.

3. Consider Investing A Portion In Real Estate

3. Consider Investing A Portion In Real Estate

If you’re the type who prefers to invest intangible assets, it’s also a sound practice to consider investing a portion of your assets in real estate. This is also one of the safest investment options, especially if you’re preparing for retirement.

Real estate is an asset that appreciates over time. This means you can earn passive income as the value grows, strengthens, and increases. When you have a stable asset type in your portfolio such as real estate, you’re effectively able to reduce your investment portfolio’s volatility. This is key to giving you long-term security.

4. Open Up To Alternative Investments

Opening up to alternative investments means you’re willing to go beyond the usual stocks and bonds. Alternative investments are strong investments. But the only caveat to it is that they’re not very liquid. This means they’re not easily convertible to cash.

However, given that your purpose for your investment diversification is for retirement, then the illiquidity of alternative investments shouldn’t pose much of a threat to your investment choices.

With that said, these are some of the best alternative investments you can opt for:

  • Structured Projects – this includes both derivatives and fixed-income markets
  • Hedge Funds – refers to a pool of capital coming from multiple investors and investing it across various securities for the purpose of managing and lowering risks
  • Collectibles – this includes items like rare collector’s items, treasure, gold, cars, rare wines, toys, limited edition basketball or baseball cards, among others

While it may not make a lot of sense as to why you should invest in alternative stocks, it actually comes with a very good purpose. Alternative stocks aren’t dependent on the value and volatility of traditional stocks. This means that if the stock market is doing poorly, these alternatives don’t generally get affected by inflation and economic losses.


As you can see from the tips above, a diversified portfolio is one that has a broad mix of investments. This means spreading your assets across different kinds and classes. Especially when your purpose for asset diversification is to prepare for your future retirement, you’ll want to be absolutely certain that your assets are safe from inherent challenges brought about by an unstable economy.

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