Having a motorhome is the dream of many people. The freedom that gives us to move from one place to another and thereby get travel differently is one of the great reasons why it is decided to embark on it. But as everywhere, you have to observe very well what is the best option. You have to know your demands before buying a motorhome so you can choose the best one which suits your tastes, desires and general requirements. Interior tourism is getting more and more followers and therefore more and more people are interested in buying a motorhome. Break the routine, buy a motorhome, and take a trip to disconnect from stress.

Size & Prices:

In many cases, people choose a small caravan just to save more money, and after a few months, they realize that it was not what they really needed. Carefully study the size of the kitchen and bathroom to see if you will be comfortable in it. You have to take into account that motorhomes are not cheap. In general, prices usually range from 35,000 euros to more than 100,000 euros. It would be advisable to put a limited budget and not pass it.

Do not choose the first one that catches your attention: there are many models of motorhomes, and it may be a bit difficult to find one of your dreams. That is why better take a look at those that are available in the market. It is likely that if you look a little more, you will find the one that perfectly fits all your desires.

Check the condition of the vehicle:

It is essential to know essential details about vehicle condition. Possess the information about the type of wheels used or the capacity of the water tank. Those details are crucial to make some really amazing trips. Each motorhome contains approved places to travel and others that are for sleeping. You must be clear about the number of places that you will need.

Ensure that the kitchen is wide. That will prevent you from encountering difficulties when maneuvering. Prepare for the adventure: the satisfaction that the motorhome will give you is not going to be found anywhere else. When you buy one of these vehicles, you can enjoy life in full contact with nature.

What to know before buying a motorhome?

Many things must be taken into consideration before buying a motorhome. Think about when is the best time to buy a used motorhome. It is worth mentioning that in summer the demand for motorhomes is much higher so if you don’t want to overpay for your vehicle, consider buying it in winter. A smart move is to buy a stun gun, just for precaution or invest money in good locks.

1. Engine condition:

If you want to buy a used motorhome, perhaps it will be the most important thing to check. It is necessary to notice if the engine does not lose any oil or if it has a perfect water theme for the joints. The ideal solution is to go with a mechanic expert to do all the necessary checks before buying your motorhome. But if for some reason you can’t do it, then you should pay attention to some details and try the vehicle before buying it. If you have the possibility to try it out, you will certainly know if the engine warms up in any different way and see what the sound of the valves is like.

2. Water Leaks:

One of the most frequent things that can happen to your motorhome is too much humidity. Although it shouldn’t be a problem if you buy a new motorhome, but if you’re planning to buy a used motorhome, always check if it’s fully rain-tight.

3. Fridge:

Another important object you should think about is the fridge. This is one of the most essential elements during each travel and you need to be sure that it really works perfectly. Carefully match the size of it according to your needs.

Tips for buying a second-hand motorhome:

second-hand motorhome

What you should know before buying a second-hand vehicle?

In this case, you have to be much more careful and precise because the vehicle has already circulated. That is why it can drag some problems. If you are not aware of them, it could give you some unexpected headaches.

1. Outer Zone:

Like any vehicle that is going to be bought second hand, it is normal that in the outer zone it has some friction. To see how much they can influence, the ideal in these cases is to review the bumper, the area of the chassis, the sheet, and the basses.

2. Number of Kilometers:

The number of kilometers traveled with the Motorhome is another factor that influences its efficiency. Ultimately, as with a traditional car, it determines how much life is left to the engine.

3. Antiquity:

The best option is to buy a used motorhome that is not more than 8 years old. Otherwise, it may become difficult to get spare parts if needed, although it is clear that the oldest also have their customers.

4. Wheels:

Buying a motorhome that has been on the road, you have to look very carefully about how the tires are.


Choosing which Motorhome you are going to buy is a very personal decision and it depends a lot on what you want one for. Those needs won’t be the same for a person who wants to travel on weekends, with short trips, or for a person who plans to travel all over the country and go abroad with it.

Remember, that your motorhome has to respond very well in case you want to travel a lot of kilometers. For those who do not know much about the subject, there are different motorhomes for novices and experts. Ideally, you can start with a basic motorhome and then move on to a more professional one.

In the current market, you can find many different types of vehicles. Before buying a motorhome, you have to decide which one best suits your needs. If you decide to go for a second-hand motorhome, you have to do a major revision of the elements and check all necessary certificates very well. Before the purchase, take a good consultant or mechanic expert to do some necessary checks so you can be sure that the investment you will make it worth it.

There is a wide range of brands and dealers of new motorhomes. It is always good to ask other travelers or motorhome lovers for advice. Always remember about your safety and try to secure your motorhome properly.

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