Easy Way to Convert Headlight with HID Headlight Conversion Kits

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HID Headlight

Headlights are one of the essential car parts that allow good visibility and a comfortable, safe ride. During the night drive, lights should always be on, and where required by law, during the day too. And when you think about the best lighting for your vehicle, the first association is probably xenon car lights.

Newer car models generally include this lighting that older car owners ‘envy’. Brighter light and a better-looking car are some of the main reasons why owners of halogen lamp models opt for retrofitting HID headlights.

The use of conversion kits facilitates the installation of xenon lights. You can get them at any better-equipped auto lighting shop or search the Internet for the best selection of xenon HID headlight bulbs conversion kits.

Why HID Headlights:

HID Headlights

Xenon headlamp is much more efficient when it comes to light output compared to halogens. Visibility, especially at night, has been significantly improved; the contours of the surrounding objects are more apparent, and the beam itself does not ‘spill’ as with ordinary light bulbs.

Also, what makes the HID headlight the best choice is their high energy efficiency (low power consumption) and their longevity – up to several thousand hours under normal working conditions. HID bulbs are heating way slower than ordinary halogens, so the risk of overheating is minimal. Xenon bulbs come in a variety of colors, but for car headlamps, it’s recommended to use only those close to the natural light.

Xenon headlamps provide light through a high-power electric arc and electrodes co-located in a closed cylinder filled with a gas (not xenon). This noble gas is only used in a small quantity when starting the lamp. When the mechanism is activated, it creates gas plasma, which increases the light intensity.

A more detailed explanation of HID headlights mechanism of work, check on this page.

Purpose of HID Headlight Conversion Kits:

HID Headlight

Turning halogen lightning to xenon light requires a specialized tuning system for everything to work right. Therefore, when you want to change your car’s lighting system, you can’t just replace a halogen bulb with an HID one. Due to the different basis and plug-ins, you have to change the entire installation. That is exactly what conversion kits are for.

Most manufacturers have conversion kits to suit different car models, that is, the factory type of headlights in it. In principle, there are analog converters and more technologically advanced variants, which have digital filter canbus systems.

The contents of these kits are more or less the same, depending on whether the low and high beam are separated or one head fits both of them. The kit contains two bulbs by default; the volume and type depend on the vehicle model; then, there are also ballasts in the box, one or two, wiring system, and installation clamps.

Conversion Kit Features to Pay Attention to:

Those who have experience with xenon conversion kits claim that its use is straightforward if you follow the instructions. There is no universal equipment for retrofitting HID headlight, but the choice depends on many factors – wattage, lumens, the color of the light, etc. All these parameters must comply with the laws governing the use of xenon lights. Learn more about the legality of this type of car lightning on this source.

The first thing to do when choosing the conversion kit is to read the product description in small letters. The wattage of the bulbs and ballast may not match. If not handled carefully, you may cause a breakdown in the electronics of your vehicle.

Also, learn that more lumens do not mean a higher light intensity, only better road illumination (proper ‘spill’ of beams). As for the color, you must comply with regulations that vary from country to country. To be sure, stick to white, which is the original color of the xenon lights.

Manufacturers of the cheapest kits do not give an extended warranty, thus avoiding potential problems. Even the price of several hundred dollars is not a guarantee of quality, but they provide privileges in the form of higher quality materials from which the parts are made, as well as a prolonged warranty of correctness, which covers more items.

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