How to Maximize Your Sponsorship Benefits

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Marketing is the best way to build up your reputation. Passive advertising is the preferred method of advertising by most companies, as it is a less forceful way of letting the customer know of your company. Common examples are television ads, billboards, and magazine ads.

These aren’t always the best way of marketing, especially if your company is on a tight budget. Another method that some companies fail to consider is event sponsorships. Though terms can vary, the general contractor is that you offer monetary support in exchange for advertising.

Sponsorships are also a way to show the causes and beliefs your company supports. Doing this will open the avenue for more sponsorship offers in the future. For now, make the most of your sponsorship advertising with these pointers.

Event Publicity

Sponsorship choices are generally categorized in tiers. As the tier level rises, so does the cost. However, higher tiers offer more rewards to the sponsor-mainly in the form of advertisement. Choosing top tier sponsorships will mean more exposure in the event’s publications.

The highest tier isn’t necessarily the best choice for you, however. Determine how much your sales will be affected by using historical data. You should also consider asking the returning sponsor companies about the quantitative benefits of their sponsorship.

Your company’s services can also be offered as an alternative to cash payment. It has the additional benefit of advertising your product or services to attendees of the event. If you’re a publication or media company, you can offer a write-up or a feature on your show instead.

Pop Up Booth

If you’re sponsoring a fair type event like conventions or trade shows, then you have the chance to put up a booth that can advertise to passersby. This can allow you to market your company more actively towards an audience that will be receptive to your pitch.

Make your booth as engaging and comfortable as possible. If you’re outdoors, using a pagoda tent with a retractable canopy will shelter not only the people operating the booth but also your interested viewers. The cool shade will encourage them to be more attentive to you.

Your booth should advertise through passerby engagement and booth design. Some tent suppliers offer customization for wholesale orders, so consider using that option to make your pop up booth stand out and become more memorable.


Offering your products for sponsorship and advertising is an effective marketing strategy. Everyone likes free stuff, after all, so they’re more than likely to accept your company freebies once it is offered to them. However, make sure that your freebies are designed right.

You can use this as a chance to market your new products. For example, if you’re a snack company, you can offer your newly developed product as a freebie. You can take this as a preliminary survey of the reception of your product.

If you offer services instead of products, tokens can also be a good freebie. It’s better to give items that have a practical use and are related to what your company has to offer. If you’re a pet grooming company, then try giving mini pet brushes branded with your company name and logo.

Before accepting or requesting any sponsorship proposals, consider the long-term effects it will bring to your company. Research about the company and see if their goals and beliefs align with your company’s. If you get along, you can make a long-lasting partnership in the future.

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