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Even when we grow up we never forget our favorite books, movies, and video games. It becomes a part of our lives and we become powerless against the collectibles and the themed t-shirts which depict our favorite characters of all time. The latest way of displaying the love for your favorite shows and movies is through makeup. You can represent your favorite shows on your face.

Numerous makeup brands are recognizing the power of obsession that fans have for memorabilia. Hence, brands have begun collaborating with various popular franchises and they offer everything right from hydrating creams to lipsticks and makeup with specialized packaging.

Check out some of your favorite brands listed below.  

Cargo Makeup and Star Wars:

Cargo Cosmetics has launched a limited edition which is stunning. The collection has two eyeshadow palettes, three liquid eyeliners, and two mascaras. There is also another set available with a nail polish and four mirror compacts with different images of the characters from Star Wars. If you are a huge Star Wars fan like many of us, you have to get your hands on this limited edition. It is available at an affordable rate and is worth for the packaging.

Shu Uemura and Super Mario Brothers:

Nobody can forget the love for Super Mario Brothers we had in our olden days. Shu Uemura offers a brush set, lip products, eye and cheek palette, eyeliner pen and curlers in addition to a makeup box in the theme. The stunning packaging will take you back to the beloved game. The cheek palette has shimmery shades of pink which are Princess Peach-themed. If you do not want to spend a lot on the makeup, you can purchase the gold eyelash curlers that come with a star charm.

Shiro Cosmetics and the Legends Collection:

Shiro Cosmetics is an Indie makeup brand that has come up with The Legends Collection. This collection is ideal for the lovers of the Legend of Zelda video games. The powdered pigments are shimmery and available in bold and rich colors. They are ideal for use on the eyes as eyeshadows and on the lips.

Storybook Cosmetics and Wizardry and Witchcraft:

This collection is absolute magic. It has a liquid lipstick set which has shades of Hogwarts houses and it also comes with an eyeshadow palette in gorgeous shades. The packaging is rich and worth the money. The eyeshadow brushes have wizard wands for handles and they feature a matte black gel eyeliner in a quill. It is worth the purchase and is a collectible ideal for gifting your loved ones as well.

Storybook Cosmetics and The Hunger Games:

This collection from Storybook Cosmetics is still in works. Hunger Games enthusiasts cannot wait to get their hands on the collection. Currently, their bullseye shadow brush set is available for purchase, these brushes feature gold, silver and rose gold arrow handles which are packages in a quiver cup.

The Face Shop and Marvel:

The excellent collection is available on KollectionK. Avengers fans will love every bit of this collaboration with The Face Shop. You can purchase the long lasting and bold gel eyeliner pencils and Mascara in Ironman red, Black Widow, Thor brown and Spiderman Blue.

ColourPop and My Little Pony:

This collaboration features some brightly colored shades on its eyeshadow palette, it has two shimmery lip glosses and a pink-tipped brush set. It also has a makeup bag complete with a pony charm and a rainbow decal. These are all the limited edition items, get them before they are gone.

Sephora and Barbie:

This is an exciting collection offered by Sephora. We have all loved our dolls and we can now have their line of eyeliners, miniature eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, baseball caps and a pink carrying case. The entire collection is sold out as soon as it is made available for sale. You can find the Mascara and the liner without the Barbie packaging across different stores. offers a number of products for you to choose from. It is ultimately the packaging that makes all the difference.

Tony Moly and Pokemon:

You can satisfy your obsession with Pokemon with the skincare and makeup collection offered by Tony Moly. In the collection, you will be able to find hydrating creams, compacts, lip tints, mascara, and blushes. All these products are well loved in the market. The products can be easily purchased on eBay or Amazon. The products have unique and fun packaging which is attractive and funky at the same time.

ColourPop and Hello Kitty:

Hello, Kitty was an integral part of our childhood and ColourPop is allowing us to relive those days with a thrilling collection of products. It offers glittery lip products, blushes, eyeshadows, highlighters and a makeup bag which will bring out the best in you.

Whatever you are looking for, you can relive your childhood through the best makeup and skincare products offered by some of the well-known brands in the country. The best part about the products is their innovative and attractive packaging which will be a part of your collection. They are all collectibles and ideal for gifting as well. Choose your favorite childhood movie or show and bring home stunning makeup pieces representing the same. Every collaboration offers a unique variety in the market and it is not restricted to eye or lip makeup. They also offer a number of skincare products like hydrating creams and face masks.

Even if you are not a makeup lover, these products will tempt you to spend your money. The collection is immediately sold out, hence, grab it before you miss out this opportunity to bring home the stunning collection of your favorite Barbie dolls or Superhero. There might be many such collaborations happening in the coming years. We can only wait and watch what the products offer.

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