4 Signs A Loved One Needs Support As They Age

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Loved One Needs Support

Everyone wants their elderly relatives to be able to live a healthy and independent life for as long as possible. However, the reality is that the majority of people will need some form of support as they get older.

Whether it’s from family members, in-home care, or by moving into an assisted living facility, getting a little help can ensure that your loved one’s quality of life remains high as they age.

Checkout Four Important Signs A Loved One Needs Support As They Age:

Loved One Needs Support As They Age

Yet it’s not always easy to determine when it’s the right time to put these measures in place. With that in mind, here are four key signs that your elderly loved one might need some support.

1. They struggle to carry out daily tasks

One issue to be wary of is if your relative is struggling to do daily activities that most people take for granted.

This could be anything from cooking and cleaning to bathing and getting dressed. Your loved one might not explicitly tell you that they’re finding these tasks difficult, so be vigilant for the following warning signs:

  • Issues with personal hygiene
  • Rapid weight loss
  • A lack of food in the house
  • Neglected pets
  • Clothes that are dirty or unwashed
  • A disheveled appearance
  • Mess, clutter, and dirt around the house
  • An irritable or defensive attitude

2. They’re socially isolated

Loneliness is actually one of the most pressing issues facing older people in the modern world. It can increase the risk of them suffering from a number of harmful medical conditions.

This is an especially important factor to be aware of if your loved one lives alone. You can try to counter the problem by encouraging your relative to join a local book club or another community group, as well as visiting them more often if you can.

Alternatively, one of the biggest benefits of living in an assisted living facility such as the Signature Care Home in Eastbourne is the opportunity it provides residents to meet people and take part in trips and activities.

3. They require specialist medical care

specialist medical care

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that your mental and physical health tends to deteriorate as you get older. If this is the case for your loved one, that’s a good sign that they might need some extra support.

This could involve taking them to the doctors or opticians, hiring a nurse to visit their house and provide care, or moving them to an assisted living facility where there are trained medical staff present at all times.

4. You have concerns about their safety

When safety becomes an issue, this is a clear sign that your loved one is in need of support. Whether it’s falling prey to scammers, taking a tumble down the stairs, becoming disorientated and wandering off, or creating a fire hazard when cooking, there are lots of potential dangers to be aware of.

Some of these can be countered by actions such as having a free home safety visit from the local fire service or getting your relative to wear an emergency button around their neck that enables them to call for help if there’s a problem. However, if minor changes are not enough, it might be time to consider a care home.

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