The information technology (IT) sector is one that is growing and growing. And with over 25% of the nearly $4 trillion worldwide IT market located in the USA, there’s clearly lots of employment potential in this field both at home and abroad. And with developments like cloud technology, the Internet of Things and much more all on the horizon, it’s clear the trend isn’t going to lessen any time soon. With that in mind, here are some of the key options available to those who want to head into the IT sector.

IT technician:

While the stereotype of the average IT staff member may focus on solitary workers glued to their screens, it’s certainly not the case that this is a given across the IT world. In fact, there are plenty of IT jobs which offer the chance to work with others in a proactive and problem-solving way. As an IT technician, you’d find yourself fixing hardware problems and network issues for an organization like a company or a college. You’ll need to have good people skills in order to do this role well, and you’ll also need to be someone who’s good at thinking on their feet and answering questions on the spot.

Software developer:

Working as a software developer could encompass a whole host of different tasks. You could be writing the sort of code which supports the back-end of the apps you use every day, for example, or you may find yourself writing the architecture of computer programs. Demand for certain coding languages is also an important consideration. Some languages, such as Java and Python, are in high demand.

IT contractors:

While some companies want permanent, full-time IT team members to work for them on a regular basis, it’s quite common for both hardware and software whizz-kids to be hired on a contract basis. A contract-based job essentially works which lasts for a defined period of time – and which tends to mean you need to sort out your own tax payments too. While this sort of added administrative burden can seem on the face of it to be enough of a reason to not take a job, contractor pay help is at hand through umbrella companies which can help you manage your tax affairs – so it’s definitely worth considering a role like this.

The IT sector is one that’s diverse and exciting, and there are plenty of great careers to choose from – so many, in fact, that this article has barely scratched the surface. Whether you’re looking to focus on helping non-IT specialists solve their problems, you want to work on creating exciting pieces of software or you want to do something else in IT, there are numerous options. And while many IT jobs these days are starting to go down the contractor route, that’s nothing to be scared of – especially if you’ve got a supportive firm on the side which can help you make the most of your employment situation.

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