A Complete Halloween Story for the Whole Family: The Legend Of Mr. Weem- Book Review

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Mr. Weem

The festival of Halloween has slowly emerged to be celebrated as one of the biggest events of the year. The excitement, celebrations and general happiness associated with the festival has taken a global dimension.

Daren Ross’ story,” The Legend Of Mr. Weem “, pays tribute to the festival in a novel, positive and imaginative way. It helps recreate the aura and origin story of the festival but in a very contemporary manner.

A Complete Halloween Story for the Whole Family: The Legend Of Mr. Weem- Book Review

Why the story is different from other takes on Halloween?

People have the wrong assumption about what Halloween is. It has somehow become associated with scary, dark and horror-related activities. However, it was never meant to be. Daren Ross focusses on the happiness and good humour that was originally the purpose of the festival.

Very few all-family activities are related to Halloween. When we talk about the festival, we find that the only family-themed activity is Trick-Or-Treating! However, when it comes to movies, or boos and stories, almost everything is beyond ‘family entertainment.

The Legend Of Dr. Weem is an honest and imaginative attempt to counter the above-stated predispositions. You can think of the story as one that can be enjoyed by the entire family on Halloween evening, cozying up near a fireplace and enjoying spiced pumpkin lattes.

The Story:

I will try not to give out too many spoilers, as it would erode the function of enjoying the actual story. The story is set in 1905 but appears to be quite contemporary and recent as it shows the hustle and bustle of city life in the present.

The story begins with our protagonist Hal, who has come to Boston in search of a job. He meets Dr. Conda and starts working for him the next day. However, he finds that there is something eerily wrong with the city and its inhabitants.

Almost everyone is rude and disrespectful. The people show little or no courtesy. This is amplified because of an acute tragedy, which befalls Dr. Conda the very first day of Hal joining work. As Hal starts analyzing the city, he finds too much negativity that is dominating every aspect of the city.

The plot and storyline move quickly, as it is only a short read (about 60 pages). However, the engrossing nature of the story is sure to keep even the most disinterested readers hooked.

Why ” The Legend Of Mr. Weem ” is a great read this Halloween?

One of the greatest things that Daren Ross manages to do is impart a warmness to the festival. This is in stark contrast to almost every piece of literature that is floating around the Halloween theme. By shedding light on important Halloween traditions like ‘Pumpkin Carving’ and ‘Trick-Or-Treating’, the author manages to inform and educate as well.

Overall, the story is filled with positivity and the triumph of good over evil. It is more like a feel-good Christmas story than a Halloween read. This is definitely a good thing as Halloween was in dire need of the right image makeover.

Go through the story with your family, and let us know what you thought of it in the comments section. I would give ” The Legend Of Dr. Weem ” an emphatic 4/5!

Great job Daren Ross for making Halloween cool in the right way!

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