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On to the Future: 4 Growing Industries Benefitting from ERP Software

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

ERP Software

There are many industries today that provide goods and services. One thing that they all have in common is a desire to grow and to make operations as efficient as possible. In the past, businesses had to rely on their best guesses and intuition when it came to things like managing inventory and making financial forecasts. But today, there is actually software that helps companies manage their operations more efficiently.

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. And as an application platform, it can help growing companies manage resources and employees in ways that are beneficial to the companies themselves, their employees, and their customers. Below are a few of the many industries that have taken advantage of ERP software.

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Automobile manufactures are known for having to deal with a lot of moving parts, literally and figuratively. A car company has to rely on a number of different vendors for vehicle parts and systems. Keeping track of all of the different suppliers they do business with and of the various supplies would be difficult without the implementation of ERP software.

Of course, the sheer scope of what goes into automobile manufacturing requires that individual car companies employ thousands of people. Imagine keeping track of all those employees without some type of management software. Application platforms such as JD Edwards Software are indispensable to such companies.


Manufacturing is another industry that has come to rely on ERP software. One important aspect of manufacturing is maintaining the right amount of inventory for different products. If there is a miscalculation in the amount of inventory in a warehouse or the amount needed it can create issues for the suppliers and customers alike.

Quality control is another concern of manufacturing companies. A part with an anomaly or flaw can lead to an inferior product. But if there is a pattern of flaws being found in a part this could lead to a bigger and more costly issue. Quality control issues such as these can be quickly identified by ERP software tools sparing the company precious time and resources.


The construction industry is one that’s known to face issues when it comes to cost overruns. This basically means that project costs end up being more than what was estimated. But ERP is one way to guard against overruns. The software can be used to project costs and even predict potential expenses to guard against overruns.

Communication can also be a problem for those working in construction. A common complaint from workers is that there’s no easy way for workers on a project site to communicate with those at the company’s main location. ERP can help facilitate task management and even communication between workers at a site and those at company headquarters.

Higher Education

Higher Education

Even colleges and universities have caught on to the benefits of using ERP software, and it’s easy to understand why. Institutions of higher learning are growing and responsible for keeping track of thousands of students. In addition to their personal information, they must keep track of their courses, their grades, and other information relevant to the student.

Colleges also need to keep track of matters related to student financial aid, tuition, and faculty payroll. Financial information concerning the students, the faculty, and the university itself is important to all parties involved. Using ERP software can provide a way for the university to integrate several different areas related to the health of the university and its student population.

ERP application platforms have been vitally important to several industries due to their ability to organize and streamline information. Some of the industries that use ERP include the automotive industry, manufacturing, construction, and higher education. What these industries have in common is complexity in terms of operations and growth, and ERP is well-suited to handle both. Any industry that is interested in a smart way to handle growth should consider employing ERP.

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