Small business owners often must take on many different roles at a time. That said, as the business grows and the tasks required to become more and more specialized, business owners find themselves having to find people who can fulfill these duties.

It is hard to compete with larger companies that can afford to scout out top experts not only in a particular field but within a specific niche of that field. A larger firm with a well-staffed HR department simply has the means to attract, manage and retain the best workers. They may have a recruiting specialist and a dedicated benefits expert. Many small businesses don’t even have a dedicated human resources person.

The good news is that technology can help level the playing field, specifically with the help of good talent management software (TMS). Not only can this software help you fill jobs with the right people, but it can also automate some of the time-consuming HR tasks that keep you from attending to more pressing matters. Here are some areas in which talent management software for small business can help you:


One of the greatest advantages of a TMS system is that it gives you a starting point from which to recruit. Of course, different systems will have different levels of sophistication. Some will simply help you access reputable job boards and media sites, while other more advanced cloud-based systems will utilize analytics gathered from other companies to prioritize specific sites for you.

You will want to review the features of each program carefully to make sure that you invest in one that best suits your needs. Regardless, all quality programs will offer strategies and communication templates for attracting both active and passive candidates.


Even 20 applications can be too many to review if you have countless other tasks to complete. Fortunately, talent management software can take care of that busy work for you.

Resumes can be scanned for relevance, allowing for unqualified candidates to be quickly filtered out. The software can also quickly verify employment history with an automated I-9 search. This helps to expose employment positions omitted from the resume.

Finally, talent management software for small businesses can instantly provide extensive and thorough background checks with the click of a button. This includes criminal searches at state and local levels as well as offender registries.


Most talent management software systems use a dashboard to create a single interface that organizes new hire tasks. The best programs offer an autofill function to help expedite filing tax, parole and benefit paperwork.

These HR processes can also be routed through an employee portal along with self-managing HR tools. The employee portal not only allows workers to view and manage their benefits and compensation information; it also saves employers time from managing this information themselves.

Training and Performance Tracking

A single interface and employee connectivity make communications on projects, continued training, and performance assessments both direct and trackable. This type of system also helps companies stay current on certification renewals, monthly evaluations, and other compliance issues, so that all employee matters are kept up to date and transparent.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly With Talent Management Software for Small Business

Running a small business may require you to handle many different menial tasks, but simple HR tasks should not have to be one of them. Fortunately, technology keeps evolving, which means high-quality talent management software for small businesses gets exceedingly more intuitive with every advancement. If you shop around and try some out for yourself, you are sure to find one that is a great fit.

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