Important Things You Should Know About Servicing Skoda Cars

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Skoda Cars

Skoda is an automobile manufacturing unit started in the year 1895, formally known as Laurin and Klement. Later it became a part of the Volkswagen unit. it is one of the oldest companies producing cars. Skoda service is one of the essential things to ponder upon for proper running of the vehicle.

More Info on Servicing:

Some cars require servicing once in every 6 months while others need it once a year. Skoda service can be done once in a year or after running for about 15,000km. The common things that are usually checked in the servicing are as follows.

  • Wheel alignment: It is important to keep the vehicle axis properly aligned otherwise the wheel may get bent out of shape. Rough driving conditions can worsen the situation and make the tyre wear out unevenly.
  • Engine or transmission oil: The engine can be considered the heart of the vehicle and thus it must be in proper working condition. The engine oil, as well as the filter, must be changed at regular intervals. The transmission oil should also be changed though it does not contain any filters. The fresh oil should be clean, and light in color.
  • Coolant: It is necessary to change the coolant after the vehicle runs for a few thousand kilometers. The brake fluid must also be refilled or even replaced based on the recommendations from the manufacturers. It is never recommended to try the servicing on your own.

After completion of the servicing some of the things that should be checked are explained below. 

  • Work order: It is important to prepare a job sheet before handing over the vehicle to the center. It acts as a means of communication between the service adviser and the mechanic. It contains an entire list of the services that are required and would be done for the car at that point of time. It is mandatory to go through the checklist before taking the car back.
  • Itemized bill: It is usually prepared after completion of the servicing. It is necessary to check whether the prices are same as it was decided before.
  • Tool kit, belongings and boot: It is better to take out the tool kit and all other personal belongings before handing over the car to the mechanic, or it must be mentioned in the job order that these items must be in the same condition while the car is returned after service. The spare wheel must also be intact while the car is returned.
  • Fuel level: The amount of fuel present in the car must be measured beforehand and written in the job order which would be verified when the vehicle is returned. It would make sure that the air conditioner has not been misused be the mechanics.
  • Odometer reading: Usually after the servicing of the car a test ride of 2-3km is needed to ensure that the issues has been rectified. Making a comparison of the reading before handing over the car for servicing with the one after the vehicle is returned would give you an idea of how much the car has run. Sometimes longer test drive is required if overhauling of the engine has been done.
  • Road test: One of the most important things to do after the servicing is to go for a test drive. It is better to check whether the faults have been rectified before making the final payment and leaving the service center.

Details About Service Packages:

There are numerous organizations that offer Skoda service at affordable price ranges. Most of the organizations offer pocket friendly packages for 3 years or 45000 kilometers and 5 years or 75000 kilometers. These packages usually lower the chances of unexpected breakdown to a large extent.


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