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Perfect Ways to Get Rid of Insects in Your House That Really Work

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


We all need to keep our homes insects-free, but the In-store chemical pesticides are far too deadly and dangerous to use everywhere near your house, pets or family. If these drugs are capable of killing insects, they can certainly not be sufficient for us and it is more useful to apply something normal and protected when possible. You might be surprised to find out which of these house bugs are really helpful and which are quite dangerous. We’ll show you how to kick them out and keep bugs out of your house anyway.

Perfect Ways to Get Rid of Insects in Your House That Really Work



Not only are cockroaches offensive things to see in your home but they can also carry really harmful diseases. You can see a lot of products from the market but all are normally highly poisonous. This method is very affordable and trustworthy and it works most of all.

Cut one onion and add one tablespoon of baking soda, then put the mixture in your house corners. Reapply it every day and you’ll consider your house roach-free pretty soon.



Even if you don’t get dangerous spiders in your region, you would most likely still like apprehending they won’t be able to get into the home. They can get completely everywhere and it is really frightening even for the most trivial ones. In a mixture of two hundred ml of water and 1/4 tablespoon of fluid soap, apply 5-10 drops of peppermint oil, shake thoroughly and sprinkle the assumed spaces once a week, till all spiders go tirelessly. This remedy will make you never dace spiders again.

Dust Mites

These items are so small we can’t even notice them with the bare eye, but it doesn’t mean they’re not there. They live in house dirt, choose more heated regions and skin flakes are their preferred food. Then choose where they want to be? That’s right, on your bed!

Although dirt vermins don’t bite, many experts believe they can cause allergic resistance and skin sensitivities. Even if you are not allergic to these little bugs, you would most likely favor not to give your house with them. The best way to get rid of these is to use a St Louis residential pest control company.


Ants can be very annoying, and appear suddenly from nowhere, often sneaking into places in your kitchen or garden. If ants enter your kitchen, then there is a way to make it less attractive to them.

Apparently, cinnamon scent is absolutely hated by the ants. Put the cinnamon powder in the areas from which you believe the ants enter. You should add some essential oil to the cinnamon powder to produce more effective results. You will be having a very good earthy smell in your house as a side effect.

Termites and weevils:

Weevils apparently don’t really like the fragrance of sound sheets or cloves. Place a clove or bay leaf on top of your meals and throughout the boxes to keep those stuff away from your cupboards.

If you discover signs of the presence of termites, you should immediately start treating with termite. They were most likely moving in a long time ago and causing some serious damage. Do it yourself thermal treatment does not offer any guarantee of the complete elimination of termites. It all depends on the severity of the infestation, the ability of the person who carries out the DIY thermal treatment and the termite killer.

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