Headaches in Children: Causes and Prevention

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Unlike the earlier times, children suffering from headaches are quite common these days. Owing to the pressure from educational institutions, peer pressure, and problems in families, the number of children who suffer from headaches due to stress and tension are on the rise. Some of them even suffer from chronic headaches that they have on a daily basis. Headaches in children could be the result of a mild trauma to the head, or by an infection, or due to high levels of anxiety and stress. It is important that a parent monitor the episodes of headaches in your child carefully and consult a doctor at XpertDox if the condition worsens or occurs quite frequently. Some of the most commonly seen headaches in children are

  • A cluster headache
  • A migraine
  • A tension headache
  • A chronic headache

Different causes of headaches :

Trauma or injury :

A minor injury that causes bruises or bumps on the head could result in headaches. Though most of the injuries are minor, in the event that your child gets a severe blow in the head you, need to consult a doctor immediately.

Infection or illness :

The flu, infections of sinus and ear, cold and nasal congestion are some of the most common causes of headaches in children. Headaches could also be the result of serious infections like encephalitis or meningitis but that happens very rarely.

Anxiety, tensions, and stress :

Some of the emotional factors like stress, tension and anxiety could trigger headaches in children especially if they are facing struggles in schools or homes.

Certain kinds of beverages and foods :

At times, headaches could be the result of certain additives or preservatives in food or due to too much of caffeine and sugar contained in beverages and certain kinds of food.

Family history :

Genetic predisposition is another factor that causes headaches.

Brain disorders :

In rare cases, the headache could be the result of bleeding or clot in the brain, an abscess or a tumor. Symptoms like problems with the vision, lack of proper coordination and dizziness do manifest in such cases.

How to reduce or prevent headaches in children?

1. Reduce anxiety and stress :

Pressure from schools and peer groups could result in headaches. Always look out for such situations and make sure you support and help your child deal with it. If your child suffers from depression it’s best to talk to a counselor.

2. Healthy lifestyle :

A healthy lifestyle that includes drinking plenty of water, eating healthy food, getting enough of sleep, and engaging in physical activities would improve a child’s health in general and could reduce or prevent headaches.

  1. Follow the medical advice strictly
  2. Say no to things that trigger headaches
  3. A headache diary

Keeping a diary recording details like the time, the length of the episode of a headache, the food taken just before could help you understand the pattern of a headache in your child.

Though the headaches in children are not of a serious kind most of the time, the right medical intervention is needed to get rid of it and to prevent it from happening regularly.

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