How To Stay Financially Afloat After Job Loss

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Job Loss

You might have seen it coming, or it could have blindsided you one afternoon, but job loss is never easy to handle. In addition to crippling self-doubt and depression, it can also lead to serious financial hardship. Depending on whether or not you stand to collect severance pay, losing your job can jeopardize your entire livelihood. 

4 Strategies To Create Financial Stability Even After A Job loss

4 Strategies To Create Financial Stability Even After A Job loss

If you or your partner lost your job recently, it’s understandable to panic. With bills still rolling in as usual, and no new job in sight, you may fear the worst. But don’t jump to conclusions just yet. The worst hasn’t happened, and there are still ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Below are strategies to help you build financial security after your job loss.

1. Find Ways to Lower Your Monthly Expenses

Cancel or pause all of your subscriptions, like Netflix, for at least two billing cycles. Including a gym membership, Netflix account, and Amazon Prime subscription, you could be saving anywhere from $10 to nearly $100 a month. 

Once you cut out anything that’s non-essential, it’s time to look closely at ways to manage your obligations more easily. Negotiate your bills, especially with credit lenders. You should also think about student loans, which you may not need to defer as quickly as you think. 

Taking advantage of an Earnest student loan refinance helps you lower your monthly payments and avoid falling behind, even during times of job loss and different economic hardships.

2. Check Your Insurance Policies

Homeowner’s, auto, life, and health insurance premiums cost hundreds of dollars a month. Rather than default or risk losing coverage, you can check with your insurance providers to see if there is any wiggle room on your policies. 

Full coverage can be dropped to minimum requirements, and you may be able to remove certain riders that lower your total cost without compromising your protection. Another option is to ask about discounts. 

There are many different types of car insurance discounts you could qualify for without even knowing. Automating your monthly payments can often qualify you for an electronic funds transfer (EFT) discount. Some extra essential spending is becoming a big challenge during the job loss. So you always have to carefully check your insurance policy’s terms and conditions before buying it.

3. Start Looking for Gig Work

Until you secure another full-time position, take to the internet, and seek out one-time or part-time gigs. Whether it’s consulting, social media management, web design, or content writing, there are a lot of jobs out there to put some money in your pocket after your job loss.

You can start a lawn care service or walk dogs in the neighborhood to get quick cash on your own schedule. You may also think about using this time to explore entrepreneurship. 

Build a free website, open an Instagram account, or start promoting your services on LinkedIn. This may not be a permanent solution, but try to build as many income streams as you can to supplement what you’ve lost.

4. Ask Family for Help

If paying for childcare is a strain on your budget, you could ask grandparents or relatives to watch the kids instead. The same goes with carpooling, which can lower your fuel usage, help save money, ad take precautions for job loss.

Losing your job is nothing to be ashamed of, no matter how bad you feel. Even if you are responsible for the end of your work contract, you can learn from the experience and move on. What matters most now is letting the people who love you help in any way they can.


The job loss and work payments delayed are always there. But you have to take the precautions to deal with these times, and even when you are carefully following these few tips, you can easily build up a stable economic balance. And you no longer have to take much more tension for the job loss.

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