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How To Make The Right Financial Decisions In Life: An Analysis By Financial Experts

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Financial Decisions

While there is a consensus that all should follow the right financial decisions, the majority of us hardly ever do that in real life. We know that being financially responsible and making, the right financial decisions are important, but our actions seem to dictate something else.

Making the right financial decisions is a philosophy, which stands true, irrespective of the age group or years of experience, you have. You might be fifty years old, and yet not have the discipline of an eighteen-year-old when it comes to financial planning.

In this article, we will look at why it is so important to make the right financial decisions in life. We will also look at what experts have to say about them.

Financial Planning and Decision Making: Why is it important?

If you have not started planning for your finances, you will be in for a rude shock in some years. This is because, when it comes to money and finances, it is always better to be ahead of the curve, rather than behind it.

Financial planning if done right can give you a lot of mental peace and prepare you for unforeseen emergencies. This is essential when you want to give a good life to your family, be free from debt-related worries, and be financially prosperous.

Let us look at some advantages of financial planning-

  • Financial planning can help you avoid money burdens and vicious cycles of debt traps from loans and credit cards
  • It can help you plan a tension-free retirement and not having to worry about where the money would come from
  • Your children will always be tension free in terms of home, savings, insurance, etc.
  • You will never have to ask anyone for financial help, thereby maintaining your respect
  • You can emerge as a respectable and responsible member of society who can help others when it comes to finances

What are some steps we should take to make the right Financial Decisions in life?

Financial Decisions

Leading financial analysts and experts suggest that while the steps may differ based on a person’s background, there are some elements common to all.

1. Never take rash and impulsive financial decisions-

It is no secret that we take the worst financial decisions on impulse. As a matter of rule, if you are ever engaging in any financial decision, give it 24 hours to boil over. Use the time to think about the pros and cons. After a point, you will see how the time gives you clarity and yo0u are able to process the decision in a much better fashion.

2. Always think about the future-

It is called financial planning for a reason. Many people think- it is the present they should worry. This is the wrong way to approach the issue. Financial planning is all about the future. Will you have enough money to tide over a problem? Do you know how you will get money to pay for your retirement life? All these questions are about the future.

3. Focus on your life and family rather than anyone else’s-

Just because somebody exhausted all their life savings on buying the new Escalade, does not mean you have to do the same. Fix your financial priorities and stick to them at all costs. Giving in to peer pressure and social media frenzy is the worst thing you can do to your finances. Always concentrate on the needs of your family, and assess what is best for them.

4. Savings and Investments are your best friends-

Always remember that you need to be in control of the money, which is slowing out. This is why one of the cornerstones of financial planning is saving. This puts a limit to what is flowing out and builds a decent fund you can rely upon. If you want to make your money grow, you can also look at some investment opportunities, which are safe. You can find more about them here- financial-peak.com/


Financial planning and responsibility are what keeps us out of trouble. Fixing priorities, avoiding unnecessary spending, and saving for the future is what is going to give you complete peace of mind. This will also have a trickledown effect on your family members, making them responsible as well.

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