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People from every walk of life can experience moments of fear, from the most confident celebrity or successful entrepreneur to the struggling artist attempting to make a go in the creative world, any person of inspiration. How you respond to that fear will help determine your well-being.

Fear can potentially keep people stuck in what they discern as a worst-case scenario. Whether the threat is real or perceived, it prevents the individual from moving forward. When you don’t know how to banish fear from your heart and your mind, it can result in anxiousness, disallowing trying anything new.

The feeling prevents quality living regardless if the fear is general or leaning more in the direction of a particular phobia, eventually affecting your sense of wellness.

Let’s look at tips on how to overcome intense fear in order to live what would be your best life.

What Are Some Ways To Overcome Fear To Live Your Best Life

Everyone experiences fear at some point and in varied ways. Still, there are commonalities that each person should anticipate, sensations that initiate from the nervous system. When this part of the body is alerted to a threat, it usually results in a dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, and feelings of intense dread.

When the episode is dire, a panic attack can result from the extreme. This can feel as though you’re experiencing a heart attack with “shortness of breath, sweating, pain and tightness in the chest.

Overcoming fear is a part of personal development that transpires over the course of a lifetime via varied therapy and counseling techniques, including mindfulness, exercise, and sometimes medication. Each effort offers a sense of accomplishment.

Go to for guidance on training the mind to overcome fear. Then consider these steps on beating fear and moving forward to live your best life.

Step out of the situation

Step out of the situation

When experiencing fear symptoms, it’s okay to step away from the situation until the episode dissipates; it’s actually wise to walk away for a few minutes until you develop a sense of calm. Once you relieve the feelings, you should make a point of trying again instead of avoiding the activity.

Keeping yourself in a restricted lifestyle where everything is always comfortable is not living a quality life. It’s important to step outside the comfort zone but to do so in stages without overwhelming yourself.

Panic can be relieved with simple breathing exercises

If you develop feelings of panic, perhaps shortness of breath, or a rapid heartbeat, you can’t fight against panic because that will worsen the symptoms. Acknowledging that you’re panicking and attempting to cope with it through learned breathing exercises is vital.

Techniques can be found in online counseling sites’ literature. The goal is to get the mind to focus more on breathing, helping to calm the panic and bringing you back to a more centered place.

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Identify the fear, label it, and discuss it

It’s healthy to acknowledge that you’re afraid. When avoiding these feelings, it can make the ideas scarier. The best approach is to identify what is initiating the symptoms. When you decide what’s causing the problem, name it like fear of change, and then talk about it with someone close to you.

When you face the challenge, the severity of it starts to lessen. If you’re attempting to overcome the fear of change, make small changes every day until you begin to look forward to something fresh and new coming with the following new day. Click here for details on ways to face fear.

What would you say to a friend in this position?

say to a friend

When considering your fear, you may be uncomfortable in small or tight spaces; it helps to put yourself in a position of control. That would mean confronting the fear and challenging it.

If you believe being in this particular circumstance would result in you being unable to breathe, and eventually suffocating, try to think of someone that might have happened to. In that same vein, consider a loved one who might be enduring these feelings; what would your advice be in helping them overcome their fear?

The negative feelings can be replaced with more positive thoughts

After some time of dealing with the same fears, you’ll start to recognize when the negative thoughts are coming on. When you see it coming early, you can take a few minutes to bring your mind to a happier place and take yourself to a zone where you feel safe. That can mean meditating or participating in a mindfulness session.

If you have a pet, you can focus solely on the fact that you’re cuddling comfortably with your furbaby, with nothing else being able to interfere with that moment. The positive thoughts will take over, erasing the negative feelings causing fear so you can move forward in the activity with renewed energy.

Final Thought

Objectives are something that should be set in achievable baby steps. Once you’re able to make one goal, it’s important to reward that feat with a treat that you wouldn’t usually have, a treasure or pleasure that makes you look forward to moving forward with overcoming the fears and phobias altogether.

It’s a process that can take a lifetime to work toward, but there’s no rush and no need to try to be perfect. Everyone deals with bad days, scary moments, panicked episodes, and setbacks on the way to meeting goals. Life is meant to be messy, but when you try, you win.

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