Every business has the inherent responsibility to provide a secure workplace. It is critical to have robust measures in place, which will provide employees with peace of mind. That said, in the rest of this short post, we will briefly outline some of the measures that the management can undertake to create a secure visitor system, making sure that the guests won’t be a security threat in the office.

How to Create a Secure Visitor System in the Office:

1. Use a Digital Receptionist:

This is an innovative replacement for the traditional human receptionist in the office. Aside from security, it can also provide better customer satisfaction since it speeds up the process of checking in. With an app like Greetly, there is a system that can capture visitor information, including their photos, and it can also automatically issue visitor badges so that they can be properly identified.

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2. Implement Access Control:

Simply put, access control refers to utilizing modern technologies to restrict access in specific areas of the office. Visitors should not be allowed to roam anywhere in the office. Aside from the fact that they can distract the employees who are working, they can also steal information. For instance, they can access computers in the office and steal confidential information from the business. The number of public entrances should be limited and doors should always be locked.

3. Inform the Employees:

Another important thing is for the organization to inform and train the employees. Everyone in the office is responsible for making sure that the work environment remains secure. If the office is using a visitor management system, they should also be trained on how it is used. Plus, they should know how to spot potential threats in the office by simply analyzing the behaviors of the people who are coming in.

4. Inform the Visitors:

The employees are not the only ones that should be informed but also the visitors. With this, you need to have visible signs in the office that will help to direct the visitors on where they are going. If there is a visitor management system, there should be a sign that informs guests on how to use it. There should also be signs on parts of the office that are off-limits, making the visitors informed on the areas where they should not be going.

5. Assign a Point Person:

It is also important to assign someone who will be responsible and accountable for managing secure visitor systems in the office. This person should have experience in handling office security. The responsibilities will include monitoring the effectiveness of the current system in place and coming up with recommendations on what can be done to improve the current practices.

Indeed, management should not ignore the importance of office security. By taking note of the things that have been mentioned above, it is possible to come up with a well-planned system for visitor management to create a secure workplace.

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