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4 Effective Signage Choices for Startup Brands

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


In 2017, the United States saw the highest annual gain in startup growth in the preceding two decades, and it also saw the reversal of a five-year decreasing trend.

With the startup industry exhibiting zero signs of slowing down, this is the best time in history to start a new business.

Establishing a name for one’s product or service in the market can be difficult for a startup, especially when working within a limited marketing budget.

However, a company’s success may be catapulted with the aid of professional graphics and signs. ShieldCo custom signage gives your current and potential customers subtle, but important messages, raise brand awareness, and can even help you make a sale in the end.

The following are examples of how simple custom signage may help you overcome these challenges and better promote your brand and product to a wide audience:

4 Most Lucrative Signage Choices for Startup Brands

Lucrative Signage

1. Outdoor signage that opens doors to numerous possibilities

The FedEx survey found that roughly 60% of consumers choose not to enter a business due to poor quality and insufficient signage. A new firm, in particular, shouldn’t let substandard signage prevent it from making as much as 50% of its potential sales and promoting its brand.

Stickers and signs in the windows draw in customers and advertise your brand to the public. Attractive outdoor signage, such as a sign on the sidewalk, a flag, or a vinyl banner, draws customers in and helps them feel more at ease with your business. To attract new customers on a regular basis, you need an outdoor signage solution that works for you, your message, and your location.

Moreover, window graphics are a great way to attract new consumers and business partners while making the most of your store’s prime real estate. Stickers and clings made by professionals with your company’s key branding message will get people’s attention in the best way possible and keep people talking about your startup.

2. Vehicle graphics to expand your advertising

Vehicle graphic signs are a great option for businesses that want to expand their advertising and marketing efforts beyond their physical presence. You may effectively transform your car, or any other vehicle, into a rolling advertisement for your company. Vehicle graphics, which are easily visible to passers-by even in heavy traffic, are an easy alternative.

You’ve undoubtedly seen billboards, bus shelters, and car windows while traveling. Sure enough, that’s the same thing we’re talking about.

Buying advertisement space on a moving vehicle is as simple as creating the proper images in the right size and sticking them to the body. Then, your brand’s name and other advertising will travel alongside the car wherever it goes.

3. Instructional signage for larger areas

Stores with large square footage, such as department stores or shopping malls, require extensive use of instructional signage. As their other names imply, the primary purpose of this signage is to direct customers to the appropriate aisles.

Information on these signs is often brief so that it may be read quickly while people are on the go. Some of the most effective kinds of instructional signs are those with big, strong letters in easily recognizable color schemes.

4. Creating an impactful corporate brand

When starting a business, the first area owners try to save money in is marketing and branding. In fact, there is nothing more important to the success of a new brand than striking signage and corporate branding. Corporate branding refers to marketing an organization’s values as opposed to its products or services. What it conveys is not what you offer, but rather who you are and what you stand for.

A corporate branding plan is the long-term, continuous promotion of concepts and visuals drawn from your company’s culture. It’s inevitable that logos, slogans, and other brand elements will become closely identified with the firm itself. So, corporate branding is helpful for new businesses because it makes it easier to give a product a unique name and personality.

Maintaining a consistent corporate identity is an essential part of any successful business strategy, and it also helps to foster vibrant company culture and distinct company identity. To do this, you shouldn’t feel compelled to plaster your company’s logo and core values across every available surface in the workplace.

You can subtly show what you want and need by putting strategically printed and placed business graphics all over your office. With the right graphics partner, your eye-catching exhibits can help you get the most out of your brand.

Affordable advertising strategies from a dependable manufacturer

Innovative graphics solutions, such as wall murals, environmental graphics, contour-cut, and digital signs, have been sweeping the wide-format printing sector.  Even while cutting-edge graphics solutions are the norm for certain businesses, your new venture may get the same benefits by using tried-and-true choices.

When money is scarce, simple signs may make a big difference. Hence, when it comes to advertising your company, ShieldCo knows that one size does not fit all. In its place, they tailor a strategy for signs and graphics production to your company’s specific requirements and marketing budget.

Their fully tailored options will not only make your firm seem better but will also help you meet your broader business goals, no matter how tight your budget is.



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