Celebrities in Recovery: 5 Celebrities Who Have Beat Addiction

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celebrities in recovery

Did you know that there are approximately 23.5 million Americans that suffer from drug and alcohol addiction? Hearing the success stories about once-troubled celebrities in recovery is a great way to inspire your own recovery story.

Addiction can happen to anybody, and it is a very difficult pill to swallow when you are faced with an intervention for recovery.

Now imagine that situation, but with the entire world knowing about your problems. That is the life of celebrities with addictions. There are numerous celebrities who have made their own way out of drug and alcohol addiction and lived to tell the story.

So who are these celebrities who have such amazing success stories, and how did they do it with so much pressure from being in the spotlight?

Keep on reading to learn about the most famous celebrities in recovery, to inspire you or someone you love to push through the hard times too.

Drew Barrymore:

The story about Drew Barrymore is a classic example of what can happen with the pressures of fame being a child star. She started drinking at 9 years old and was using cocaine by the age of 11.

Barrymore was admitted into rehab at the young age of 13 years old, after being in the LA party scene since 11 years of age.

Johnny Depp:

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp was deep into the partying scene during the 1990s, being spotted in popular nightclubs with his girlfriend, both high on cocaine. He somehow managed to climb his way out of that vortex of partying and maintained to display his incredible talent of acting.

Robert Downey Jr.

After multiple arrests, nights spent in jail, and charges for drug possession, Robert Downey Jr. beat addiction in 2001. He uses his story to help inspire other young actors to beat their addiction problems as well.

Ben Affleck:

Ben Affleck first checked himself into rebab in 2001 and has struggled with staying sober ever since. He re-checked himself back in 2018 and is very open with his fans about the importance of getting help.

There are many incredible rehabilitation centers that can help to heal you the first time, as long as you try your hardest. Learn more about the best rehab center for you.

Elton John:

Elton John was in the drug scene since the early 1970s, admittingly using cocaine as a way to fit in with other people. Following that was a long life of eating disorders, other drug uses, and suicide attempts.

He admits to finally feeling at peace with himself now and is grateful for the experience that got him to where he is today.

Learn More About Famous Celebrities in Recovery Stories:

These are just a few of the famous celebrities in recovery that made their way out of their troubles. There are many more celebrities who have very similar inspiring stories.

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