Best Bingo Jokes

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Best Bingo Jokes

Bingo is an extremely light-hearted game and is bound to lift the mood of anyone who plays it, even those who don’t win still have a brilliant time and it’s been played by players young and old for decades to lift spirits and bring people together. Part of the light-heartedness of the game is bingo lingo, innuendos, catchphrases, and jokes that have been passed down each generation, with a few new ones added along the way! Jokes were often shared over a game of bingo but now they are being shared and check out via bingo site chat rooms where new bingo lingo and one-liner jokes are being invented all the time by younger generations playing bingo online.

Here are some of the best bingo jokes in the book that you’re more than welcome to share with your bingo-loving pals. We can promise you two things from these jokes – plenty of cheese and that they are completely DJA (Dad Joke Approved) but we can’t guarantee you’ll get many laughs!

Bingo calls and puns

If you play the 90-ball bingo game, not only will the number be called out but each number will have its own joke tagline associated with the number, with some players who have played the game a lot being able to know which phrase is associated with each number without even hearing the number. Most of these phrases are based on pun jokes which go way back, some of the most popular is “Old Age Pension” for number 65 and “Two Fat Ladies” for 88 and “Nearly There” for 89, but a lot of these bingo puns/calls have started to fall out of fashion since younger players started to play and invent their own bingo jokes, calls, and puns which are more aligned with pop-culture.

A few examples of out-dated UK bingo puns include “Danny la Rue” for 52. You would be excused if you didn’t know who Danny la Rue is, as the peak of his career was in the 1960s and he was an Irish singer and entertainer and drag artist. Another is “Dancing Queen” for 17 based on the song by Abba which was released in the 70s, again a little outdated for millennials! This is one of many bingo jokes that only players of a certain age would appreciate but there are others that have remained timeless.

Bingo jokes

“How do you make a sweet little old lady swear? – Make a new player called Bingo!”

If you’ve ever been a new player in a bingo hall and you’ve called bingo, you bet you will have had eyes burning in the back of your head from what you thought was a sweet old lady who is probably regulars! But, players win fair and square but the beginner’s luck can often be a cause of jealousy or frustration for regulars which is why they are sometimes the butt of jokes like this one!

The best thing about bingo communities online is that newer jokes are circulating all the time, so for the latest jokes, puns and calls, join in the fun in the live bingo chat rooms next time you play online bingo!

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