Avid chess players love this game with roots that date back to the 6th century. It is said to have evolved from an ancient Indian game called Chaturanga.

The evolutionary game of chess spread throughout Asia, Europe, and eventually beyond. Its popularity is unrivaled, thanks to medieval nobility. It was eventually dubbed the ‘royal game’ but became hugely popular with many classes of people.

The oldest known chess sets had a wooden chess board with pieces made from wood and/or ivory. The pieces had to be sufficiently weighted so as not to wobble or overturn with slight bumps or vibrations. While the game of chess is now mass-produced from many different materials, there are four reasons zealous players still prefer a wooden board.

1. The Regal Nobility of Intellect

Chess is often considered a brain game for the intellectually gifted and this carries with it a certain air of nobility. After all, it was popularized by medieval aristocrats, and who doesn’t want to be a part of that? Chess boards are now mass-produced out of many materials, but ancient chess boards were made from wood because it was plentiful and available.

Of the many modern chess boards, none are as regal and stunning as a natural wooden chessboard. It virtually calls to the players offering an elevated game of ancient nobility. Wooden chess boards made from walnut, ash, or maple with well-crafted pieces typically have the most authentic feel.

2. Premium Quality Wooden Chess Boards Are Durable

2. Premium Quality Wooden Chess Boards Are Durable

The love of chess is a characteristic that is fostered and strong. Those who play love to play as often as possible. A premium quality wooden chess board gives them that opportunity. It is cherished and protected at home lending the freedom to play with close friends and family whenever the opportunity arises.

On the flip side, a wooden chess board is durable enough to take to tournaments with the prospect of advanced long-term play with open acquaintances. The hand-crafted pieces are beautifully prominent and weighted to stay put on the board.

3. Conversational Piece That Opens Excellent Dialogue

Many modern chess boards are produced of plastic for roll-and-play convenience which suits many, but avid players appreciate the intellectual dialogue promoted by a wooden board. A finely crafted wooden chess board makes an excellent conversational piece in any setting.

For an avid chess player, their board is their tool, and the quality of the board often represents the quality level of their game. Chess players love to talk about the game they love, and a high-quality wooden chess board helps start the conversation.

4. Appreciate the Beauty of the Game with Wooden Chess Board Decor

Appreciate the Beauty of the Game with Wooden Chess Board Decor

Passionate chess players with an enthusiastic love of the game have an insatiable appetite when it comes to appreciating their craft. A wooden chessboard not only offers a sophisticated game but it’s a beautiful piece of décor when not in use.

People tend to decorate their space with the craft that helps define who they are, and a wooden chess board suits this purpose. Nicely polished hand-crafted pieces resting on a smooth multi-colored wooden board spruce up any space.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Convenience

A wooden chessboard can cost hundreds of dollars or more but expensive isn’t always better. Fostering a love of the game in a young mind doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality for convenience. A premium quality wooden chess set with genuine Staunton pieces is ideal for chess aficionados who are learning to play at home with the family or more advanced players who attend tournaments.

The felted interior gently cradles pieces during transportation while two metal latches keep them safely tucked away inside. The two extra queens ensure pawn protection while the 15” x 8” board of regal quality ensures you’re always ready to play. Dare to fully appreciate the love of the game with a timeless wooden chessboard.

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