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In this day and age of technology, there are a number of ways in which we get help. And for most people, this help is very much because of the apps and platforms that we use online.

An online tool called AutoTempest collects car-specific classified ads from sites including Craigslist, eBay Motors,,, and others. But that is not all.

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What Is AutoTempest?

What Is AutoTempest

As an offshoot of “”- a company that searches online ad postings, Nathan Stretch established AutoTempest back in the year 2008 as an online automobile shopping resource. AutoTempest is an automobile search engine that collects ads for new and used cars from dealerships of cars as well as “individual listings” from private sellers.

In other words, a user won't have to waste their time looking through every used car lot or new car website to find their next car. AutoTempest gathers new and used car listings from a number of reputable auto shopping websites, such as –, Facebook Marketplace, M&M, CarsDirect, Autobytel, Oodle, eBay Motors, Craigslist, CarGurus, TrueCar,,, Carvana, Hemmings, Cars & Bids and

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work

You'll feel convenience using AutoTempest usa, if you've ever used a search engine. The results page on the website,, is straightforward to navigate and has a very user-friendly interface.

The most fundamental details, such as the model and brand of the automobile, the search radius (the number of miles you're ready to travel for your car), and your zip code can help you narrow down your options.

Alternatively, you can also utilize the site's advanced search feature to further focus your search by incorporating factors like transmission type, color, trim package, pricing range, and more.

Tip: There’s no autotempest motorcycle, just for car dealerships!

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The Interface

The Interface

On the results page, the listings are presented in a very “easy-to-read” format. The results are all organized according to the website where the car listing originally appeared, and vital details like mileage and price are shown next to a picture of the vehicle.

This means that you can very easily determine whether a new or used car is right for you without having to click on every result.

Directly from the results page, you can narrow down your search even more. To assist you find the precise automobile you desire, you may filter by price, year, mileage, fuel type, body style, and a variety of other criteria.

Steps To Follow

Steps To Follow
  • When you click on a result, you are taken to the listing's website, such as eBay or Carvana, where you may see further pictures and information about the vehicle.
  • Click the car review banner at the bottom of the search results page to see what others have to say about this make and model if you're curious. From the website's home page, you can also look up auto reviews. Depending on the source the listing was taken from, there may be a different procedure for going from viewing the listing to actually buying the vehicle.
  • After selecting a result, you leave AutoTempest to carry out the remaining steps. For instance, if you decide to buy a car from the car dealer Carvana, you will be directed there to finish the transaction.

Features Of AutoTempest:

Features Of AutoTempest

Here are a few features of the AutoTempest app:

  • Consolidated Vehicle Search: AutoTempest saves you from having to visit many websites to view all the listings that the various automotive websites have to offer.
  • Guides and Blogs for AutoTempest: Are you intimidated by all the information regarding cars? Not to worry. In order to assist consumers with navigating the car-buying process, AutoTempest provides a blog and a number of guides.
  • Simple To-Use Interface: The AutoTempest website may be navigated without any guesswork. AutoTempest is all about finding new or used cars, and it offers a quick and simple tool to do just that.
  • Results Are Simple To Understand: All the necessary information is available on the results page. You can see a picture of the vehicle, its price, its mileage, and its location. This enables you to find your dream car by rapidly skimming the results.
  • Supporting Resources: You can utilize a variety of tools provided by AutoTempest to find your next used car and obtain new car rates. You can look for reviews, compare prices on auto insurance to lower your premiums, and request quotations for transporting a car from another city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are a few frequently asked questions about AutoTempest:

Q1. Who Actually Owns AutoTempest?

Ans: Nathan Stretch, the creator, and CEO of the business is the owner and manager of AutoTempest. Stretch started the business more than twelve years ago with the intention of assisting customers in obtaining the used car of their dreams, whether it be for work or daily use. You can locate what you're looking for by using AutoTempest's ability to browse through millions of used car listings.

Q2. Does AutoTempest Have An App?

Ans: By recommendations, AutoTempest earns money. The business has contracts with a network of affiliate partners, and it pays them to refer customers.

Q3. Can I Trade In A Car Through This Platform?

Ans: Using AutoTempest, you cannot directly trade in your vehicle. Although AutoTempest provides a tool that lets you figure out the trade-in value of your automobile, you cannot actually trade in your car with AutoTempest. But, AutoTempest works in conjunction with to provide a platform for you to list and sell your automobile online.

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To Wrap It Up!

AutoTempest is really a great place to start when buying and selling cars. It helps in filtering out the vehicles that do not match your specific requirements. AutoTempest is overall a very reliable platform for searching cars in the automotive market.

That was all for information regarding AutoTempest app. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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