The United States of America is a huge country encompassing almost 3.8 million square miles. And within this mammoth mass of land, there is a rich diverse terrain and thousands of beautiful places you can explore. People talk of traveling the world, but first, they should properly explore their own country. Traveling isn’t cheap but if properly planned, it can certainly cost a lot less than people think. There are many ways to save money including one less known method: sell frequent flyer points you have amassed from your travels for cash. Without further ado, here are some places in the US you should definitely visit. Note that this is not a complete list by any means since there is an umpteen number of places you can see.

1. Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom :

An unofficial wonder of the entertainment world, the Disney Resort in Orlando Florida is indeed magical. All of your favorite fairytales come to life here and it is a spectacle to see. Meet your favorite characters and roam the many attractions on offer. It is best to go with your family.

2. The French Quarter :

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, this is the oldest section of the city. A vibrant and colorful flux of gardens, courtyards and cobblestone corridors, the place is a must visit. Rich in the city’s musical heritage, different music – jazz, rock’ n roll, blues are all heard from the quarter’s door. It is a must see American icon.

3. Times Square :

The heart of Manhattan, this square is a favorite of tourists that come to see the US. A monument to modern consumerism and slight excess, the lit up square in NYC is a sight to see. It never sleeps and is always full of lights. One of New York’s finest attractions, it is a must visit for anyone looking to explore the East Coast.

4. Golden Gate Bridge :

Usually, the first bridge that collapses in any disaster movie, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California is a tribute to engineering that is both well done and beautiful to behold. This gleaming red bridge connecting the city of San Fran to Marin Country offers breathtaking views of the bay islands as well as the city itself. The weather is pleasant all year round. California is definitely worth visiting.

5. Hollywood Sign :

The place all your favorite movies are made, who doesn’t want to visit Hollywood? The place where stars and blockbusters are made. Visit the famous Hollywood Sign surrounding the city of Los Angeles, or Beverly Hills where the stars live. L.A is a thriving city with a great night scene.

6. Grand Canyon :

One of the most iconic landscapes in the US, the Grand Canyon in Arizona exemplifies the rugged beauty of the US. The sheer vastness of the Canyon is beautiful, and if you love photography, the Canyon will truly give you some splendid shots.

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