5 Things You Should Not Do If You Get Arrested

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Being arrested for a crime is no one’s idea of a fun time. Having an officer take your freedom away from you can leave you feeling helpless and ashamed regardless of whether you’re at fault or not.

Even worse than the arrest is what comes next. The suspense of waiting to know what happens can be incredibly stressful since you’re anticipating a potentially negative outcome which could affect your life forever.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’ve been arrested and are being accused of a crime, here are some of the things that you want to avoid at all costs.

Resist Your Arrest:

One of the worst things that you can do is to resist an officer. When you try to take their hands off of you or put up any kind of struggle, it will be considered an assault which won’t work in your favor trying to prove your innocence.

If you hit an officer, they are trained to put you into a submissive position to avoid any further physical resistance which could result in you getting seriously injured.

Convince The Officer Of Your Innocence:

Even though you may be completely innocent, it’s pointless to try to convince an officer that you aren’t to blame. If they are in the process of arresting you, it’s because they had enough probable cause to do so.

You’re wasting your breath trying to convince them otherwise, so do yourself a favor and keep quiet and leave it to your lawyer to convince the law of your innocence.

Give Permission To Search:

If the police ask to search anywhere, it’s because they don’t have the permission or legal right to do so.  Therefore, you should not allow them to do so until you have spoken to your lawyer and they have a warrant.

Many experts will advise you to say loudly “I do not give you permission to search!” so that onlookers may serve as witnesses who heard you.

Admit Guilt:

Until you have received legal counsel, you should not admit any guilt or evidence.  The best thing that you should do is remain quiet.  Your lawyer will do the speaking for you so that you don’t end up admitting guilt without realizing it.

Let Officers Into Your Home:

Officers may try to coerce you to search your home.  They may use a variety of ways to convince you to allow them in.  However, without a search warrant, they don’t have the right to be able to enter your house.

The correct answers are “I am not comfortable letting you into my home.” or “we can talk out here” should they try to get in.  Legally they are not allowed to enter if you say these words.

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