Land of tales of romance and bravery, and known for its mesmerizing desert landscape, grand forts, and beautiful palaces, Rajasthan is the kind of India we all like to remember and see. With some legendary cities like Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur, that were built by the Rajput warriors, and the tribal communities, this state is the most popular tourism site in the entire India. Here's a list of places that you must visit in Rajasthan on your next trip to the land of desert and forts.

1. Jaipur :

One of the most fascinating cities in India, Jaipur displays finest examples of the state's architecture that have been attracting tourists not only from India but from across the world. In Jaipur, there are magnificent forts, grand and iconic palaces, and temples that'll make you want to visit them at least once. Jaipur is a perfect amalgamation of old and modern. There are plenty of modern cafes and restaurants for those who want to see something vibrant and chic. And if you're looking for fine dining experiences, you can visit the royal restaurants located in different forts of the city. You can include different museums, forts, and palaces in Jaipur tour packages to make it a hassle-free vacation.


2. Udaipur :

In the year 1568, Akbar, who was a Mughal emperor who captured Chittorgarh, and Udai Singh the king was forced to leave the land and then established Udaipur. The gorgeous city, the city of lakes remain the capital of Mewar for a long time and later became a princely state of British India in year 1818. Udaipur is one of the most popular city of Rajasthan known for its romantic and man-made lakes, its grand palaces, beautiful temples, and vast gardens. Many Bollywood movies were and are shot in this gorgeous city. If you want to only explore Udaipur, you can look for Udaipur tour packages.


3. Jodhpur :

One of the largest cities of the state, Jodhpur is known for the majestic and grand Mehrangarh Fort. Also known as the Sun City because of the bright and sunny weather of the city throughout the year. Some people also call it Blue City because of the cluster of homes painted in blue and white around the fort. Jodhpur is one of the most colorful places to explore in India.


4. Jaisalmer :

Located quite near to the border of Pakistan, Jaisalmer is a popular tourist spot in Rajasthan. Also called the golden city, Jaisalmer is known for its beautiful desert and golden dunes flowing in the desert of Thar. Home to gorgeous lakes, jain temple, and grand havelis, the city has been alluring many tourists from all over the world. If you want to witness the true heritage, culture, and richness of the land of Rajasthan, you must visit Jaisalmer.


5. Bundi :

One of the most magnificent towns in Rajasthan, Bundi is not very popular but is a scenic town.  Surrounded by orchards of orange, guava, pomegranate and mango trees, the gorgeous farms of Bundi attract many. If you want to got to a place where away from chaos, then you can't go wrong with Bundi.

Aren't you already excited to explore the gorgeous Rajasthan and get lost in its beauty! We hope your trip to the land of royal Rajputs take you on a memorable journey.


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