4 Signs That Tell You Are Affected By Negative Energy

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read April 16, 2018

Negative Energy

Life is a mixture of the positive and negative aspects of many things, including energy. When you are surrounded by positive energy, you experience peace and happiness in your life. Negative energy has just the opposite effect. It can impact your life, work, and relationships in a negative manner and cause you to suffer much. You may not even be aware of being under the influence of negative energy. Here are 4 signs that help you tell whether you are affected by negative energy or not.

You See The Undesirable Side Of Everything :

The very first sign that will help you identify whether you are under the influence of negative energy is that you tend to see the downside of everything. Even when something good happens in your life, you bother about the negative aspects that may overpower the positive effect. Your mind is always filled up with negative thoughts. You often do not like it when someone is upbeat about something. In the process, you miss out on the good side of everything happening to you. You need to focus on overcoming your negative thoughts and looking at the brighter side of things.

2. You Feel Stressed Out For No Reason

When you feel that you are constantly under stress without any apparent reason, it’s time to think about the matter seriously. You need to find out why you feel so stressed out. If you can’t get to the source of this negative energy, it may go on increasing its influence on you and make you suffer every single day. One way to overcome this issue is to channel your negative energy. You can find out more about channeling negative energy at

3. You Are Always Angry Or Frustrated :

If anger and frustration have become your steady companions, negative energy is definitely ruling your life. Remaining angry or frustrated at all times can drain away your energy and leave you feeling irritated. You seem to lose control over yourself and react unnecessarily to even the smallest of things. If you do not take steps to control your anger and frustration and overcome negative energy, you will be left feeling isolated.

4. You Doubt Your Own Capabilities :

Having doubts about your own capabilities is also a strong indication of negative energy affecting your life. You may feel that you are not worthy of obtaining anything good. Whatever you have achieved in life, you feel as if you don’t deserve them or are unworthy of having them. Such doubts can erode your self-confidence and lead to depression as well. In case you feel anything of this sort, you need to work on driving negative energy out of your life.

The Bottom Line :

Always remember this – anybody can come under the influence of negative energy. But if you identify the signs and act on them without delay, you can bring positive energy back to your life. The tussle between positive and negative energy will always be there in your life. Only you can decide which of these forces you want to allow space to in your life and then take action accordingly.

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