4 Reasons Why Nissan Cars Are Ideal For the Roads of Bangladesh

author-img By Ron Olive 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Nissan Cars

A country that got independence in 1971 situated with India, Bangladesh is much famous for its rice and agricultural advancement. A country of 163 million people has the GDP of $221.4 billion has now changed a lot in a decade or so. Now this land has become the land of industries and technology with a lot of automotive on the road.

The imports of new and used Japanese cars in Bangladesh has been seen on the rise since past decade which has made this country as a prominent market for Japanese automobile manufacturers. With the tags of one of the fastest growing economy and population, Bangladesh is an ideal place for Japanese cars. That is why one Japanese company is trying to get most and early lucrative out of this opportunity.

Recently the Nissan has shown some serious interest in the market. Furthermore, the Nissan has released an entirely new production line for the Bangladesh to get a head start in the competition. These Nissan cars are designed and manufactured while considering the road network and the needs of Bangladeshi people which are making it an ideal drive for the Bangladesh. To calm down your curiosity about what is making the Nissan an ideal car brand for Bangladesh, I am going to list down four reasons which I found in my research that is going to help you in understanding why the Nissan cars are ideal for the roads of Bangladesh.

1. Original in Style:

Unlike other Japanese automobile companies in Bangladesh who launched the same products as they launched in India or in Pakistan, the Nissan emphasized more in this market of 166 million. The style of the car that they launched are very natural and original for the people of Bangladesh. By adding ever possible technology in their cars, the Nissan never compromised on the style and aesthetics of their cars. Every model of Nissan that they are launching in Bangladesh is very different in style as compared to their other models which they have launched internationally.

used Japanese cars in Bangladesh

2. Fuel Efficient:

Even with the GDP of over $200 billion, Bangladesh is still a third world country where the majority of the population is living below the poverty line. That is why they are eager to drive a car which is fuel efficient and can give them better mileage. The Nissan knew this need of this country’s people that is why they have kept their cars as fuel efficient as possible. The Nissan’s Sentra, Versa and Rogue are the most luxurious yet fuel-efficient cars. That is why you see a large number of these cars on the roads of Chittagong and Dhaka compare to any other branded Japanese used cars. The lightweight of these cars with the durable materials and latest technology in the engines are the prime source that has made these cars fuel efficient and ideal for the Bangladesh population.

3. Innovative:

Every car that Nissan announced to be launch, one thing which you can expect is the innovation from them. That is why the Nissan uses the tagline “innovation for all” in their all promotional content. This habit or nature of Nissan comes naturally with the people of Bangladesh. Bangladesh likes the uniqueness that is why you will not find any cliché or stereotyping things about this country. This is a country which is in the continuous process of transformation. That is why innovation is one thing that this country needs the most and Nissan through their cars are providing numerous inspiration opportunities on the roads of Bangladesh. The way they design their cars, the technology they add, the entire built and the finishing of each vehicle coming out from their assembly line is impeccable and unmatchable with every other Japanese branded car in Bangladesh that is another reason why I claim the Nissan cars as an ideal car brand for Bangladesh.

4. Eco Friendly:

Bangladesh’s maritime territory in the Bay of Bengal is equal to the size of its land area. Due to this, the major part of Bangladesh is green and it is one of the most eco-friendliest countries despite all industrialization in the recent past. That is why they also prefer the cars which produce less CO2 and are eco-friendly. The Nissan also knows this and they produce some of the most eco-friendly cars under the Nissan Green Program to make sure that the CO2 level of this country does not get hurt due to the increasing numbers of vehicles on the road.

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