What to Do with Your Kids’ Drawings

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Kids’ Drawings

Our kids’ drawings take up our fridge doors, and sometimes even if there is no more space, they still want to stick them on the fridge. It is undeniable that when they make artwork, we are proud of them. As much as we want to keep every single artwork and drawings that they make, it is just not possible. There are things that we can do, though. Here are some ideas on what we can do with our kids’ drawings and artwork.


You can look at jewelry made from children’s drawings and draw inspiration from them. Pick out your child’s best piece of art and ask a jeweler to turn it into a lovely piece of jewelry that either you or your child can wear. There is nothing more appreciative than wearing a piece of your child’s artwork every day.

Wall art

You can frame your child’s artwork and use it as wall décor. You get to save money from not buying an expensive piece of art and showcase your child’s talent at the same time. If you want a more prominent piece, you can scan the drawing and print it on your preferred size of paper.

Mail to grandparents

If you live far from your child’s grandparents on both sides, mail them your kid’s artwork, either by itself or framed. Your folks will be more than happy to receive a gift from their beloved grandkids; they may even hang them on the living room wall. Let your child write a short letter together with the artwork and make their grandparents doubly happy.

Turn drawings into bag designs

You can have your child’s best piece made into a bag. Some companies make children’s drawings into bag designs. You will have a totally unique bag that no one else has. You can make a miniature version for your child, so they too can proudly carry their own unique drawing.

Make it into contemporary art

Do you like Andy Warhol’s colorful, cartoony work? You can turn your child’s drawing into a Warhol-like piece. Some companies create Warhol-like art from clients’ submitted pieces and turn them into interesting pieces of art you can hang on your wall.

Turn it into a calling card backing

Do away with dull looking and plain colored calling cards. Turn your child’s colorful drawing into calling card backing. One side will have your name and contact information and the other side will feature your child’s masterpiece. Do away with conventional and formal business cards. Show your soft nature through your business cards. Those who you give them to will be more than happy to receive them, and they will remember you easily because of your unique cards. You will also show your child how proud you are of them.

When you repurpose your kids’ drawings, make them aware that you are using them because you want other people to see and appreciate them. They will feel proud of their masterpieces and strive better to make more artworks that you can be proud of too.

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